Why choose online billing?

Accessible via your Business Customer Centre account or epost, online billing is the ideal solution for businesses everywhere. Simple, free, practical and secure, it boasts a ton of advantages. Sign up today!


Accessible via your Business Customer Centre account, online billing allows you to:

  • View your current invoice.
  • View your last 36 invoices.
  • Save your invoices into your computer.
  • Receive an email when your new invoice is ready.
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Online billing via epost postel

Epost is a safe, secure and free way to manage online your bills, statements and important documents. With epost, you can:

  • Set automatic email and text reminders for when bills arrive or are due.
  • View your bills at epost.ca, then pay online through your financial institution.
  • Access your bills anytime on any device with the free mobile app.
  • Safely store your invoices for up to seven years.