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Your strategic plan is well under way and you have a lot of goals to achieve in the next fiscal year. But the working capital you managed to maintain throughout the pandemic is likely stretched to its limits. Videotron Business wants to make your life a bit easier when it comes to mobile phone service. Here’s a look at an initiative that’s different than what’s being offered by the competition: the Videotron Business Simplified Payment option!

Remember your most recent experience shopping for a smartphone a few years ago? At the time it wasn’t exactly easy to compare offers from different providers. And today, while some are purposely increasing the base price of the device then subsequently partially discounting it, others are instead offering to take back the smartphone from consumers after a certain period of time. A bit like renting a car, in the end…

But there’s no need to be a mathematical genius or to get out your financial calculator if you have to provide your employees with smartphones—Videotron Business has just launched its bew Simplified Payment option! With this program, you take the stated price of the selected device and divide it into 24 payments, without adding any interest or making any deposit towards the purchase.

The cost of your selected phone is spread over 24 equal monthly payments with no additional fees. Starting in the 25th month, the portion of the payment that represents the cost of the phone disappears and only the cost of your monthly plan remains. That’s an opportunity for your business to save money!

Good to know

According to a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) entitled “The Small Business Vision of 5G Connectivity in Canada,” most owners of SMEs state that 5G will benefit their company (63%) and that they will strongly encourage use of the technology within Canadian SMEs (72%).

1) Benefit from greater flexibility

As the leader of a company, you’ll have more flexibility to respond to your organization’s mobility needs. But the first step is still choosing a plan that corresponds to your teams’ data consumption. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover our entire range of plans.

The second step is to choose a smartphone that corresponds to the needs of every team member. We offer a vast range of devices from a number of reputable brands—including the most recent models on the market—as part of our Simplified Payment program. No matter what your company’s ambitions are, you’ll find the model you’re looking for at the best price available.

2) Realize your most important projects

Have you set your sights on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 128 GB of storage? Using this device as an example, instead of paying out the full price of $1,549.95 in one go, the Videotron Business Simplified Payment option will enable you to spend just $64.58* (*Price as of July 23, 2021) monthly for 24 months, with no interest or downpayment needed for purchase. The Simplified Payment option lets you get the phone you want right now, without having to pay a huge bill.

As a result, the $1,549.95 per device that you don’t have to spend immediately can be put towards another project within your organization. Whether you’re looking to develop a new range of products, enhance your employees’ collective insurance plan, or undertake a continuous improvement program, now you’ll have the financial capital to do it. Plus, you’ll be equipped with the latest technology in exchange for an affordable monthly fee.

Good to know

Have you set your sights on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 128 GB of storage? Using this device as an example, instead of paying out the full price of $1,549.95 in one go, the Videotron Business Simplified Payment option will enable you to spend just $64.58* monthly for 24 months, with no interest or downpayment needed for purchase. The Simplified Payment option lets you get the phone you want right now, without having to pay a huge bill.

All customers of the Videotron Business mobility service have access to the Simplified Payment option. New customers can sign up for a subscription and current customers can subscribe when their agreement is renewed.

3) Choose transparency and feel confident

Telecommunication companies need to ensure that their product and service offering matches the needs of business. Customer satisfaction is what counts, since we’re working for you! That means it’s better to choose a partner you can trust and who is upfront with all the information you need to make an informed decision. The terms of service need to be clearly defined and any terminology used must be simple, easy to understand, and unambiguous.

Videotron is committed to offering transparency. You choose a plan. You buy a device and benefit from 24-month financing with no interest or downpayment. That means no nasty surprises and no need to spend hours crunching the numbers to get new devices for your employees.

And speaking of transparency, here are the conditions that you would normally be reading “in the fine print.” The purchase of a device with the Videotron Business Simplified Payment option is subject to a 24-month agreement and an eligible mobile phone plan with a minimum monthly service rate between $30 and $85 depending on the number of GB selected. A penalty is applied if the agreement is cancelled before the end of the 24-month period. Finally, a one-time activation fee of $25 and a SIM card purchase fee of $10 per line are required.

4) Have your device completely paid for in 24 months

At Videotron Business, after the 24 monthly payments, the phone is yours. Your telephone will be completely paid for and you’ll experience substantial savings once you only need to pay for your mobile plan. Starting in the 25th month, the portion of your payment that represents the cost of the phone will disappear, with only the cost of the monthly plan remaining.

You’ll receive one single detailed bill. The balance remaining for the Simplified Payment option will be clearly indicated. Also, for every phone you have, you’ll be able to see the number of monthly payments you’ve made compared to the total number of payments remaining, the amount of the payments, and the balance that is left to pay.

5) A data plan is indispensable!

As you can see, the Videotron Business Simplified Payment option is a game-changer. With this option, you’ll receive just one bill that distinguishes the monthly plan payments from the cost of the purchase of the smartphone. Even better, the latter expense will disappear automatically starting in the 25th month. That means automatic savings without even having to lift a finger!

Although the annual study from NETendances at University Laval’s Académie de la transformation numérique highlights that one in five phone owners don’t have a data plan, hopefully greater transparency on the part of telecommunications companies and more affordable costs for new devices will contribute to reversing this trend. Seen in this light, we can definitely say that the Videotron Simplified Payment option is a step in the right direction!

4 August 2021, By Videotron Business

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