men Jérôme Brien

Ensuring the continuity of a family business

The owner of six Videotron stores, Jérôme Brien went into business in 2001, with his father Jacques’ guidance. Six years later, the mother of his children joined him in his ventures.
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Jacques Théorêt blogue

15 December 2022

Starting a business is a question of balance

Can becoming an entrepreneur help you achieve a well-balanced life? That’s the view of Jacques Théorêt, owner of three Videotron stores. After working in human resources and labour relations, with a brief foray into politics, a major event in his life caused him to start questioning his career choices.
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Patrice Brodeur blog

2 November 2022

Transforming to move forward

Patrice Brodeur has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. Today, as the proud owner of three Videotron stores, he reflects on his successful journey and the challenges he’s faced as an entrepreneur.
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Jonathan Lecompte

7 September 2022

Two steps forward, no steps back

In his 28 years working at Videotron, Jonathan Lecomte has (almost) done it all. Starting out as a Superclub clerk back in 1994, his was quite an atypical journey. Now the owner of two stores, one in Sainte-Julie and the other in Boucherville, the businessman is breaking new ground, personally going to meet the business clientele.
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Daniel McSween Blog

26 July 2022

From artist to successful entrepreneur

Nothing predestined Daniel McSween, visual artist, to become a businessman. Now at the helm of four Videotron boutiques, this jack-of-all-trades likes to say, with a touch of humour, that his success was a stroke of a luck.
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Patrick Gingras

21 July 2022

Taking a step back to better move forward

At the helm of several franchises in the Sherbrooke region, Patrick Gingras dedicates a lot of his energy to customer service, as well as to the human experience that bonds him to his employees. From his entrepreneurial beginnings, way back in 1996, to the new Videotron Business offering, Gingras shares the highs and lows that have defined his career.
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