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Save on your new device

It doesn't matter if you're already with us or if you're becoming a Videotron customer for the first time—simply bring in your device and get credit towards the purchase of a new one.

Got questions? Bring your device to a Videotron store and find out how much it’s worth.

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How does the trade-in program work?

In four easy steps:

  1. Save all the personal info stored on your old device. Learn how here.
  2. Restore the device to factory settings. Learn how here.
  3. Bring your phone to a Videotron location to find out how much it's worth. Find a Videotron store
  4. Get up to $500 in credit for a new device when you sign a new service agreement.
Deux téléphones Mobiles échange


Trade-in terms and conditions:

  • All devices are eligible for the trade-in program, regardless of the service provider.
  • The exchange must be combined with a subscription to or renewal of a 24-month mobile agreement.
  • The device's battery and cover must be traded in as well.
  • One device per transaction.

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  • The program is for all our clients, new and current, who sign a 24-month agreement.
  • All phones are eligible, regardless of the service provider they come from, which includes foregin devices.
  • Any device that has trade-in value is eligible. Value is based on the age and condition of the phone. (Certain devices have no trade-in value.)
  • Accessories, chargers and memory cards are not eligible for our trade-in program, but we will recycle them for you.

    Can I trade in more than one device at a time?
    No. You may only trade in one device at a time.

    Do I need to sign a new agreement when I trade in my old mobile device?
    Yes, signing a new agreement is necessary. If you're already a Videotron customer, you’ll need to repay the balance owed on your device, if necessary.

We check whether:

  • the device works properly (does it turn on?)
  • the physical keypad or touchscreen is functional
  • the screen or body of the device is cracked
  • the device has liquid damage
  • the battery and its cover are in good condition
  • the device model

    We don’t accept chargers or memory cards. We recommend you remove and keep all your memory cards before trading in a device.

    Who determines the trade-in value for the device?
    Videotron has partnered up with Phobio LLC. and their assessment is based on market prices for used mobile devices.

    How long does it take to determine the trade-in value of my device?
    That varies and depends on your device. To get the maximum credit for your phone, go to the Videotron location nearest you.

    What happens if the trade-in value of my device is $0?
    The trade-in value for certain devices may be $0 due to advanced age or poor condition. If such is the case for your device, you can recycle it with Videotron's electronic equipment recycling program.

  • Your trade-in credit must be used towards the purchase of a new phone, at the time of trade-in. Any remaining credit will be applied to your invoice.
  • Your trade-in credit is non-transferable.
  • Your trade-in credit is not redeemable for cash. It will be applied to your account as credit for the immediate purchase of a new device.
  • Any excess credit (after the purchase of a new device and signing an agreement) may be used to pay a mobile service bill.

    What happens to my old device?
    If your device is still functional or can be repaired, we'll send it somewhere it can be used again. However, if your device can't be repaired, we'll recycle it using the most modern, environmentally friendly methods available.

    After I trade in my device, will I be able to get it back later if I want it?
    No. All trade-ins are final. No device will be returned after it's been traded in.

    What's my trade-in credit if I want to return or trade in my new device after I activate it?
    If you decide to trade in a new mobile device you've activated for a different one, you can apply the credit to the new device of your choice. The trade-in credit is not redeemable for cash.