Internet over optical fibre

Connect directly to optical fibre for a business at the speed of light!

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Meet all your reliability, speed, and security needs with the installation of optical fibre exclusive to your business.

With more than 2,000 businesses already connected to their own fibre optic network and 180,000 businesses within their immediate coverage area, Videotron Business is ready to serve you.

Why choose Videotron Business for your Internet over dedicated optical fibre service?

Popular Optical Fibre Internet plans

1 Gbps Optical Fibre Internet

  • 1 Gbps download speed

  • 1 Gbps upload speed

  • Unlimited data included

  • Compatible with a cloud-based security solution

  • Compatible with DDoS protection

3 Gbps Optical Fibre Internet

  • 3 Gbps download speed

  • 3 Gbps upload speed

  • Unlimited data included

  • Compatible with a cloud-based security solution

  • Compatible with DDoS protection

10 Gbps Optical Fibre Internet

  • 10 Gbps download speed

  • 10 Gbps upload speed

  • Unlimited data included

  • Compatible with a cloud-based security solution

  • Compatible with DDoS protection

Options available to enhance your Internet access

Fixed IP addresses included

DDoS Protection

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Wi-Fi Pro

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LTE wireless backup

Optical fibre Internet meets the needs specific to businesses with a large number of employees and/or customers.

The optical fibre Internet access is ideal for businesses that continually broadcast content on the Internet or that require close to no latency when there are several simultaneous connections on the server. For example, think online gaming companies or companies that host a large amount of video and media content and experience high traffic.

In the case of large businesses, the optical fibre Internet connection offers a single connection that is redistributed via an extended network, thus ensuring the common needs of hundreds or thousands of employees are met.

Several situations can justify the need for SMEs to opt for an optical fibre Internet access, the most common being teleworking. This means several dozens of employees working remotely, who do not use cloud-based solutions, need to be supported. The SME finds itself hosting heavy files, critical applications, a website with media content, or data widely accessed online and hosted on servers in commercial offices. In this context, the higher upload capacity offered by optical fibre to transmit data to users working remotely is ideal.

There are many other reasons why an SME might consider an optical fibre Internet connection, but standard connections are generally more than sufficient in these cases. Feel free to make an appointment with one of our experts. They will be able to help you find the best solution for your needs.

The difference lies in the technology used to connect the customer’s modem to the Internet provider’s network.

The Hybrid Fibre Internet service offers a fast, stable connection thanks to the optical fibre deployed on the majority of its network. The Last Mile—the final stretch of the network—is deployed via a coaxial cable from the fibre optic backbone and the modem installed at the place of business. The coaxial cable network generally uses an aerial route via electrical posts already in place, and can service several dozens of customers on the same optical fibre line, known as the cell. This technology, which combines a cable connection and optical fibre connection, allows for a faster, more economical, and easier-to-support deployment than optical fibre, and offers an Internet service that meets most business needs.

The Optical Fibre Internet service uses a dedicated optical fibre line between a point of presence (POP) of the primary backbone and the optical converter installed in the place of business. The POP can be located several hundreds of metres away from the connection place, if not more. Because it is an optical fibre specific to a single customer, it offers better connection flexibility and speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Given that it is used by a single client, the deployment of this service is more expensive, and the construction can take several weeks, if not months.

It can go up to 10 Gbps, and sometimes even faster. However, these speeds are generally required by the data centres hosting the servers of hundreds are customers.

The main benefits of optical fibre connection are higher transfer speeds and lower latency. However, the benefits vary from one Internet provider to another. You should therefore inquire with your provider.

At Videotron Business, our optical fibre Internet service was designed for the Business clientele specifically. It therefore meets the highest security, reliability, and support standards. Our management portal allows you to manually or automatically increase bandwidth speed based on traffic peaks. It also provides real-time statistics on usage.