Mobile device protection program

homme valise programme de protection

Enjoy peace of mind, no matter what happens

Your company mobile devices are an indispensible part of your everyday operations. It can be a hassle to replace them if damaged. Well, worry not! We offer a protection program that can be added to the manufacturer’s warranty, covering accidental damages and breaks, which means you can stay connected at all times.

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Price details

Deivce Starting at

Android device of $299.99 or less

$7.00 /month*

Android device of $300 to $599.99

$9.00 /month*

Android device of $600.00 or more

$11.00/ month*

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How does the mobile device protection program work?

The Mobile Device Protection Program aims to protect new devices activated during a new subscription or renewal. While the manufacturer warranty only covers electric and mechanical damages, our Protection Program goes above and beyond by covering accidental damage for 24-month*. 

The Mobile Protection Program covers all devices with the exception of Blackberry and Apple products.
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The advantages of videotron’s mobile device protection program

Coverage for up to 24-month

Same day repair option

if available

Expedited mobile device replacement

one business day following receipt of the service request


of service is possible at any time


Manufacturer warranty

Videotron protection plan

Electrical device*

Mechanical damage*

Accidental damage

Repair service

Broken screen

Damage caudes by droppage

Damage caused by liquid


After an electrical and mechanical damage*

Unlimited - 12 months Unlimited - 24 months
Repair after an accidental damage

Fees of $79 fee for repair
Replacement after an accidental damage

Fees of $99 fee for replacement
Fees of $179 fee for replacement
Fees of $249 fee for replacement

Service request

  1. Issue a request within 30 days of the damage occurring.
  2. Create your service request on-line at or by calling 1-844-376-7726.
  3. Once your request has been approved, a replacement device will be shipped the next business day, or an appointment for a repair will be provided.


Our Protection Program covers all devices except BlackBerry and Apple devices.

Replacement devices are often new but on occasion may be refurbished. While refurbished devices look and function just like new, they may have minor cosmetic flaws and contain non-original manufacturer parts and accessories. If the exact make and model is not available, your replacement device will be of like kind and quality. All replacement devices come with a ninety (90) day replacement warranty.

If you experience any problems with this device, you must contact Brightstar. (mettre un lien vers la question comment placer une demande de service).

Any service requests related to the replacement device will not be counted towards the total service requests for accidental damage, as allowed by the Mobile Device Protection Program if, after inspection, the damage is considered to have been covered by the 90 days guarantee offered by Brightstar.

The Mobile Device Program allows a maximum of two ( 2) service requests due to accidental damage, for a consecutive 12 months from the date of the first service request.

If your service request was made because of mechanical or electrical damage, your device will be replaced without charge.

Our Mobile Device Protection Program is operated by Likewize Device Protection.

Incidental or indirect damages, improvements or changes to your device, wrongful usage or intentional acts that cause damage, problems caused by viruses, aesthetic damages, accessories other than those considered part of the damaged device, and damages that arose prior to subscribing to our Protection Program are not covered.

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Want to benefit from the Mobile Device Protection Program? Find out more about the terms and conditions :

The Mobile Device Protection Program has a maximum duration of 24 months. After this period, the Program will automatically be terminated and monthly service fees will no longer be charged, with no action required on your part.

You may terminate the Contract at any time for any reason by calling Videotron at 1 877-951-8468 or visiting a Videotron store to request cancellation. You may cancel your enrollment in the Program for a full refund within the first thirty (30) days of enrollment if you meet the conditions available at If the Contract is cancelled after thirty (30) days of enrollment, we will refund the remainder of the Monthly Service Fee, pro-rated on a daily basis as measured by the date on which the contract was canceled.

This Program is not transferable to another person, or to another mobile device, other than the one for which you original subscribed to the Program.

Request for Service
It is your responsibility to ensure that you save all content from your mobile device and delete all data before issuing a service request.

Other Applicable Fees
For all information related to applicable fees, please refer to the Terms and Conditions provided when you purchased the Mobile Protection Program or visit our website at

Non-returned Device Fees
If your mobile device is not returned within thirty (30) days after receiving your replacement mobile device, you will incur non-returned device fees.

Locked Device Fees
Your mobile device must be unlocked before issuing any service request. If your mobile device is still locked (because of a remote locator or any other similar app), fees for processing a locked device will be charged.

Service Request Conversion Fee
If you issue a request for service for a mechanical or electronic damage and, upon inspection, the damage proves to be accidental, you will be charged service request conversion fees of $79, plus tax.

About the Program
The Mobile Device Protection Program is offered by Likewize ( The Consumer Protection Act provides a warranty on all goods you purchase or lease from a merchant. The Mobile Device Protection Program is an optional program available to mobile customers of Videotron. Other protection programs may be offered by other agents or organizations that a customer may prefer. The customer is not required to purchase the Mobile Device Protection Program, regardless of the circumstances.