Internet and network solutions for large enterprises

Whether you need a reliable Internet connection, to efficiently manage traffic between your branches and platforms, or to connect your branches and remote workers, Videotron Business can help. We have solutions that will allow you to maximize the potential of your internal resources.


Dedicated fibre-optic solution

Ensure dedicated fibre stability and guaranteed end-to-end speed with point-to-point or point-to-multipoint linking. The connection, reserved exclusively for your company, is tailor-made to meet your needs.

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Managed services

Our managed services offering includes IT solutions tailored to your business, giving you peace of mind. Entrust us with the task of fully managing or co-managing your connectivity and security, and take advantage of all our solutions:

  • LANaaS
  • Wi-Fi aaS
  • SECaaS
  • VPN gateway
  • DDoS

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Cybersecurity solutions

As your IT perimeter expands, it's paramount to protect yourself from cyberattacks. We support large enterprises with our unified management solutions that capture threats before they even reach your network and devices.

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Stable performance with the most common custom private network extension solutions on the market

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Optimize the efficiency of your networks with the implementation of SD-WAN solutions. This will increase the scalability of your business.

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Take advantage of a single IP network for all your facilities and eliminate the need for device management. The MPLS IP private network service offers ultra-flexible bandwidth and traffic prioritization.

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Maximize the efficiency of your communications by extending the local network between your locations with an Ethernet link. Connect your properties under a central and private network, so you benefit from a single Internet outlet.

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VPN gateway

Available with Fibre, IP MPLS or Ethernet Internet services, our VPN gateway solution bridges the gap between a company's branches or telework locations located in different provinces or countries.

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Your more specific needs covered by our private network solutions adapted to your reality

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Dark Fibre

Benefit from an end-to-end fibre optic connection, thanks to a custom-designed and installed link. Once the link is delivered, you install the equipment you need and configure the bandwidth as needed.

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Use the Wavelength service and increase the transport capacity of your data tenfold. This service allows speeds of several terabits per second. More than 60 data centres rely on the DWDM platform and are able to adequately meet the needs of all their customers.

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The CloudEXTN cloud service provides a direct connection to cloud service providers such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many others.

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Why choose Videotron Business for Internet

Our SLA commitments

Our Service Level Agreement guarantees you get the following:

  • 100% dedicated bandwidth
  • 99.9% availability on local loop
  • 99.99% backbone availability
  • Mean-time-to-repair of four hours
  • Mean-time-to-respond with a first diagnosis of 15 minutes

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Let our specialists manage the connectivity and general maintenance of your infrastructure, and allow your teams to focus on growing your business.

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