Internet Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Our ultra-reliable Internet and Wi-Fi solutions and plans adapted to your business needs.

Our Internet solutions grow with your business. Thanks to our custom solutions, adapted to your actual needs, you have everything you need: coverage, reliability, and protection.

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Guaranteed Internet

For ongoing business! Thanks to our Guaranteed Internet, the wireless LTE backup network provides your business with an uninterrupted connection in the event of an incident.

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Evolved Wi-Fi solutions

Opt for a high-performance Wi-Fi that is compatible with your equipment. Your employees and customers will appreciate it. Plus, thanks to advanced features, the Wi-Fi Pro solution will allow you to go further without hassle.

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Turnkey plans

Save time and money by grouping your services. Opt for a comprehensive plan that includes Internet and Telephony, in managed mode.

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You want to learn more about how to choose the right internet speed for your business? Check out our support article

The best Internet plans for SMEs

Hybrid Fibre Internet 400

Hybrid Fibre Internet 400/50

  • Download speed of 400 Mbps

  • Data Included Unlimited

  • Frequent and advanced use

  • Wi-Fi included

Hybrid Fibre Internet GIGA

Hybrid Fibre Internet GIGA 940/50

  • Download speed of 945 Mbps

  • Data Included Unlimited

  • Frequent and advanced use

  • Wi-Fi included

Online order for Internet access for SMEs

Use our express Internet ordering service to order your Business Internet access online and save time!

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More than connectivity

Unrivalled performance

You don't have to compromise on your network performance. You can connect your Wi-Fi equipment to your network with confidence.

Optimized user experience

When you have an optimal Wi-Fi network, you improve the customer and employee experience.

Secured solution

It's easy for you to secure your network according to your own rules.

Peace of mind

You no longer need to worry about supporting and troubleshooting your equipment.

It pays to group your services!

Save up to $201 by grouping your Videotron Business services together. You will even save time. Opt for peace of mind.

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Other services

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We also offer tailor-made Internet and Network solutions that meet our customers’ continually evolving needs.
See services for large enterprises.

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* Practical Plan: This limited-time offer is available to all Business customers subscribing or renewing to Videotron's 15/15 Guaranteed Internet access for business including the Hybrid Fiber 15/15 and the Wireless Backup for Business service by Videotron and is conditional upon customer having or adding a 36 or 60-month agreement. The monthly rate of the 15/15 Guaranteed Internet access offer with a 36-month commitment is $84.95, which grants a discount of $7 per month on the internet access regular rate and a $15 per month on the Wireless Backup service regular rate. The monthly rate of the 15/15 Guaranteed Internet access offer with a 60-month commitment is $82.95, which grants a discount of $12 on the internet access regular rate and a $15 per month on the Wireless Backup service regular rate. The first access point for business grade Wi-Fi is free for customers subscribing to Videotron's Business 15/15 Guaranteed Internet access plan with a 36- or 60-month agreement under certain conditions. Other rates are available according to the agreement terms. Agreement is non-transferable. Penalties apply for breach of agreement. Available where technology permits. Maximum speeds can only be obtained on a wired connection. Speeds will vary with equipment used, network configuration and other factors. Our 15/15 Guaranteed Internet access service is subject to upload traffic management. Speed tests carried out through advertising banners external to Videotron sites measure download speed with a margin of error of 5% at the time of the test. The result is variable depending on the current use (current downloads, video viewing, etc.), the number of simultaneous users who use the Internet access, the access mode (Wi-Fi or cable) as well as the state of the distributor network. These results do not apply to mobile users. A Flexible data plan must be added to the 15/15 Guaranteed Internet service. No charge for the first 20 GB of data usage. An additional charge of $0.02/MB will be charged if your combined data usage (downstream and upstream) exceeds the thirty-four (34) GB included in your monthly plan. Verification during installation and monitoring of links generate data consumption of less than 500 MB. Offers, services and rates are subject to change without notice. Taxes and other applicable fees extra. Certain conditions apply.