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Education: 4 tips for improving your technological capabilities

Technology is currently one of your institution’s biggest competitive advantages. In fact, you already successfully deployed a few of the technological elements in your long-range plan a few years ago. But are you ready for what comes next?

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17 January 2022

The Business Customer Centre: manage your account remotely

Properly managing your telecommunications account is essential, and it can sometimes be hard to find the time to do it.
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23 June 2021

Hybrid teleworking : the tools necessary for a successful business transition

The pandemic forced the business world to seriously rethink the way things are done. Today, as we slowly make our way back from this major health crisis and watch as strict measures are gradually lifted, it’s easy to see that some of the habits that have been formed over the past year are here to stay. Among them: teleworking, but in a hybrid mode.
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24 July 2020

Customer service : the 6 golden rules of communication

SMEs should consider customer service an essential aspect of their business development. After all, your sales and profitability are a direct reflection of your ability to satisfy your customers. Which is why it’s so important to adopt industry best practices when it comes to efficient communication and ensuring the longevity of your business.
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10 July 2020

5 tips for making working from home more permanent...and more productive

Recent months have accelerated the emergence of remote working all over the world, but the trend had already started a few years ago. Is your company looking to prolong the teleworking experience? Here are five tips for making it happen while getting back to your usual pre-pandemic pace.
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29 May 2020

4 steps for establishing your business continuity

Unexpected events can have serious consequences on your business. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such example. Protect yourself with a business continuity plan, and be ready for whatever comes your way!
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17 January 2020

How to build customer loyalty?

In 2018, 257 restaurants in Québec filed for bankruptcy. It’s therefore essential that restaurants and bars learn how to stand out from the competition! The quality of the food and freshness of the ingredients remains a top priority, but now more than ever, companies need to figure out how to build their brand and optimize their customer experience.
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17 janvier 2020

4 types of mobile apps for better efficiency at work

We’ve put together a list of the top work-related apps, broken down into four distinct categories. This list of helpful mobile apps will simplify your life and help optimize your time.
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