Cyber security

Business cyber security protects your business activities on an ongoing basis.

Keep your business secure by protecting it from threats with our fully managed solution. Focus on your business, while we protect it from vulnerabilities and the risk of cyberattacks linked to the constant expansion and complexity of IT perimeters.

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Evolved security portfolio

Give your IT teams the flexibility to focus on other mandates and adopt our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions. These solutions highlight the security of your company's activities and target:

  • The local network
  • Telecommuting workstations
  • Emails
  • Terminals
  • Cloud applications
  • DDoS attacks

Opt for our cloud-based solutions to filter applications and web pages. Plus, block the latest global threats with our automatic updates.

Subscribe to Videotron Business' cybersecurity solution to improve security control over your company's IT infrastructure, including the local network, telecommuting workstations, and cloud-based applications.

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Protect your entire network infrastructure, from the Internet connection to each individual user. Our cloud security solutions create a perimeter of protection outside your network. These solutions help capture and block threats before they reach your devices.

  • Local area network protection (perimeter protection)
  • Terminal protection (Devices)
  • Email protection

Protect your infrastructure from DDoS attacks and prevent your business from shutting down. Protection takes place directly on our backbone network and does not require virtual solutions. Our service intercepts and neutralizes malicious attempts to saturate the bandwidth that could target your systems.

Connect your users with peace of mind thanks to our turnkey VPN service. This solution is configured and supported by Videotron Business and it allows your employees to access your organization’s resources and data at any time using a secure and flexible connection.

Our solutions will help you keep your business running smoothly without compromising your security. Securing your employees’ access means securing your business against hacking and data theft.

Enhanced security with Videotron Business

Our managed services

Free up your internal resources by entrusting Videotron Business with the responsibility of managing your services according to your needs.

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