IoT Platforms

Our Internet of Things platforms help you manage your connected devices and analyze your data in real time.

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Supervise remotely

Videotron Business' IoT management platforms were developed by its experts to make your daily life easier.

They allow you to connect your devices to a reliable, extended network and independently control your data from a single dashboard.


  • Manage your connected devices
  • Monitor your deployments
  • Easily analyze your data
  • Customize detailed reports

How does an IoT platform work?

A smart platform for autonomous management

- Control dashboard

From a single dashboard, you can enable, suspend or disable your device’s connectivity in real time.

- SIM cards

  • Geolocation tracking

  • Monitoring

  • Reports

  • Real-time data

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Data processing

- Data protection

- Secure platform

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Connectivity designed for IoT

With its expertise in the Internet of Things, Videotron Business provides its networks for your connected solutions according to your company’s needs.