IoT Business Solutions

Through the Internet of Things, a world of opportunity is opening up for businesses and communities looking for performance and growth.

Videotron Business connects devices, whether physical or virtual, through its own wireless and wired networks. We drive efficiency and intelligence using our vast ecosystem of local partners.

Discover all the agile and connected solutions we could develop together.

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« The Internet of Things offers incalculable potential for any organization wishing to improve the quality of its services and the daily lives of its people. » 

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How does the Internet of Things work?

Videotron Business' IoT platforms were developed by its experts to make your daily life easier. They allow you to connect your devices to a reliable, extended network and to control your data independently from a single dashboard.

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Connectivity designed for the IoT

We have connected solutions tailored to your business needs, from fibre optics to 5G, from traditional mobile networks to low-power or long-range networks.

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Becoming IoT partners

Videotron Business puts connectivity at the service of your innovations. Many local partners already trust in our reliable, extensive and secure Internet and mobile networks.

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