With FlexGo, never worry about exceeding the data included in your mobile plan. You and your employees benefit from all the data you need, whenever you need it.

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Get all the flexibility you need with FlexGo

Focus on your business, not on slowdowns in data transfers or blocked data after exceeding your plan limit. With the FlexGo option, included in all Business Mobile Canada plans, Data Add-ons are automatically added to your plans, whether individual or shared within your company, once you’ve exceeded your limit. This avoids having to buy them (outside of your plan) when you occasionally need more data. 

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A truly economical solution

Mobile money

$5 for each additional 2 GB of used mobile data.[ln]


A maximum of 18 GB of additional data.

Mobile Go

FlexGo is an available option on all Canadian Business Mobile plans.

The benefits for your business

  • Peace of mind: Run your business without worrying about going over your Mobile plan data limit.
  • Simplicity: Data tiers are adjusted automatically. You will be alerted by text message when each tier is added.
  • Flexibility: FlexGo adapts to the needs of your business. No more surprises when you exceed your Mobile data limit!
  • Generosity: Available on all Canadian Business Mobile plans.
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FlexGo activation

FlexGo’s Mobile data tiers are automatically applied to all newly activated Canada Business Mobile plans.

To see if you already benefit from FlexGo’s Mobile data tiers on your current invoice, please go to your Business Customer Centre, or refer to your monthly invoice.

To activate FlexGo

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