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Municipalities: 9 technological solutions to optimize your operations

13 September 2023

The smart city concept is getting lots of attention. Cities looking to embark on this revolution of countless possibilities are especially impressed with the multiple benefits—optimization of resources, improved quality of life, and adaptation to climate change, to name but a few. Here are a few ideas to help you start dreaming up your own city of the future.

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foule gens Québécor Vidéotron Affaires

22 August 2023

OSEntreprendre Gala: spotlight on three inspiring businesses

On June 7, 2023, the 25th edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge Gala was held in Québec City. The event marks 10 consecutive years of partnership for Videotron Business. Engaging and forging trusting relationships with partners has always been an integral part of our DNA. We take a look back at this evening, which was no doubt an exciting one for three young and promising Québec businesses.
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11 August 2023

Femmes sur le terrain : an initiative that’s scoring points

“Femmes sur le terrain,” the first joint initiative between Videotron Business and Desjardins as part of Omnium du Québec 2023, has been a real hit. The event underscores the aim of the telecommunications provider to promote female leadership within Québec companies. It’s the kickoff to a long journey towards recognizing women’s contributions to the working world, despite the headwinds they have faced.
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4 July 2023

Uville Hotel and Videotron Business: The untold story of a fruitful partnership

All technological initiatives depend first and foremost on the passionate experts who truly care about the success of their partners. And we have the proof right here.
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4 April 2023

Telecommunications: 3 advantages of grouping your services

Are you given the royal treatment by service providers, all of whom deploy a different technology to meet your company's telecommunications needs? If the answer is no, it’s time to consider a different avenue: the centralization of your services. For a turnkey solution and a productive spring, read on!
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Ensuring the sustainability of the family business in a constantly changing industry

blogue david ouellette

In the telecommunications sector since forever, David Ouellette has been able to maintain the family business in an industry in constant evolution. The businessman, owner of three Videotron stores in Centre-du-Québec and franchisee of a restaurant banner, talks about his journey and the challenges he’s faced over the years.
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Transforming to move forward 

Blog William Bellerive

The owner of several boutiques in Laval and the Laurentians, William Bellerive made his first foray into the business world at 24 years old, nearly 27 years ago. He tells us about his journey and how he successful overcame various challenges.
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Starting a business is a question of balance

Jacques Théorêt blogue

Can becoming an entrepreneur help you achieve a well-balanced life? That’s the view of Jacques Théorêt, owner of three Videotron stores. After working in human resources and labour relations, with a brief foray into politics, a major event in his life caused him to start questioning his career choices.
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Transforming to move forward

Patrice Brodeur blog

Patrice Brodeur has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. Today, as the proud owner of three Videotron stores, he reflects on his successful journey and the challenges he’s faced as an entrepreneur.
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The Business Customer Centre: manage your account remotely

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Properly managing your telecommunications account is essential, and it can sometimes be hard to find the time to do it.
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Four key technologies to look out for

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Using the latest technologies is a must to stand out. With them, companies and institutions can increase their efficiency, productivity, product quality, and security.
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The top 3 advantages of cloud computing for your SME

Woman Mobile Phone 360x227

Cloud computing democratizes corporate communication for businesses of all sizes, paving the way for new possibilities and big savings that can be reinvested in your growth. Here are three reasons to adopt unified communications.
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Relaunch + employee motivation: tips for getting back to business

Meeting coffee 360 x 227

How will managers succeed in maintaining their teams’ motivation, commitment, and mobilization? Or flattening the curve of the psychological, family, and social impacts these past few months have had on employees?
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