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Francis Miron Diaz, Senior Account Manager for Videotron Business, and Martin Turcotte, President of Groupe Odotrack, did not know one another at all before making the decision to combine their respective know-how. It was through another account manager at Videotron Business that the two men met. Said account manager, who had previously worked with the founder of Odotrack, was more than happy to introduce the two businessmen. Looks like it was just meant to be . . .

The proof is that a "tax" situation—you’ll understand more about this in just a moment—was at the origin of Odotrack. "The idea was born from a tax audit by Revenu Québec, which requested the mileage records of a dozen vehicles provided by the employer and made available to employees," says Martin. It must be said that keeping a compliant "paper" record of kilometres travelled is a complex and tedious task, which can now be optimized by technology.

"I had just received a GPS as a gift and my business idea was self-evident. And today, we have nearly 10,000 users. Odotrack is now a leader in the field of fleet management," he continues. A look at this turnkey cloud solution that produces mileage records and tax reports for its users in a jiffy.

"The trust and credibility that Videotron Business' support brings to the market is already reflected in consumer demand."

— Martin Turcotte, Odotrack

Odotrack: 3 competitive advantages

Odotrack was launched in 2008 to protect and maximize the tax benefits associated with business travel, and to simplify tax returns for self-employed individuals and businesses. The rule is simple: if you use a motor vehicle for business purposes, you must keep a record of your movements. "Our product is a must for this type of clientele, especially since the launch of our partner offers with Videotron Business."

So how does the service work? Movement data is transmitted in real time to the company's secure servers. The movements are geolocated and captured by GPS. The system automatically switches on when a user starts driving. Easy! There are only three simple steps to using the service.

First, plug in your device the first time you use it and never worry about it again. Next, drive with complete peace of mind: Odotrack watches over you, recording each of your trips. Just be sure to indicate the nature—business or personal—of each trip you take! Finally, all you have to do is consult, confirm, or specify your data to obtain management reports and reports for tax purposes that are consistent and useful for decision-making.

The different packages offered by Odotrack will save users energy, money, and time. "This is the ideal accounting and tax solution for those in business." The subscription to the service is 100% tax deductible if it is used for professional purposes. Here are some of the main features most appreciated by subscribers.

Odotrack: thousands of customers, millions of trips!

101,468,880 trips recorded

1- Accurately generate your mileage record

Odotrack manages your logbook by compiling and organizing the details of your movements. As such, you have easy access to a wide range of mandatory information (and even more!) in your mileage logbook.

The date of the trip, the address of departure and arrival, the number of kilometres travelled, the reason for the trip, the odometer at the beginning and end of the period, the duration of each trip and stopping times (if desired): nothing is forgotten!

Protect yourself from a potential tax audit by having supporting documents that comply with government requirements. Also, optimize your tax deductions by avoiding errors caused by manual collection or the use of a third-party method that is not specialized in mileage logging for tax purposes.

2- Produce management reports and tax forms

The tool allows you to enter, save, and export your data to a spreadsheet to build the desired reports. The electronic transfer of data to various tax software is also an option. It also facilitates the management of expenditure allocations. Save photos of your various invoices and consult statistical reports to visualize trends and improve the management of your business.

3- Facilitate the management of your fleet of vehicles

Companies that have a fleet have the possibility to display the positioning of all their vehicles connected by geolocation. They can therefore see the movements of their drivers in real time. A feature that makes it easier to supervise your employees' activities and see improvements in their driving habits.

Finally, Odotrack also allows you to plan the optimal maintenance of each vehicle. You can configure periodic mechanical maintenance according to a predetermined time cycle or according to the distance travelled. A reminder that your organization can enjoy several benefits by adopting connected transport!

Videotron Business & Odotrack: a partnership built on trust

Videotron Business and Odotrack work together to ensure the best possible service offering for mutual customers. For example, thanks to this partnership, Odotrack now markets unique offers to combine its technological solution and the mobility services and/or the Internet of the telecommunications provider.

"What we now propose is the exceptional combination of the strengths of each of our organizations as a whole: Videotron Business' reputation and its wide range of business services, with Odotrack's know-how in a niche market," explains Martin. The two organizations shared a common need in their quest for growth: the search for the ideal complement to follow their respective strategies.

"Videotron Business is developing new partnerships with suppliers recognized for their innovative solutions in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is in this context that Odotrack joined Videotron’s list of trusted partners; Martin was looking for a large-scale partner to propel the company’s commercialization initiatives to the pan-Canadian level," summarizes Francis.

Francis Miron Diaz

Their relationship has evolved since their first meeting, which took place at a Montreal Alouettes game. "We’re getting to know each other, a bit like it is before marriage," laughs Martin. The first challenge they took up was to succeed in aligning their respective expectations. "For my part—I’m hyperactive—I often find myself already at the finish line, at the final phase of a project. Francis, who is calmer, reminds me that to eat an elephant, you must do it one bite at a time! I now adhere to this philosophy, the small step approach," sums up Martin skillfully.

For Francis, having a global vision of the project, the company, the businessman, is essential. "Above all, I like to know my client well. What will be the best way to work together? How can I align my solutions with their needs?" And to do this, he makes sure to always take the time to really listen. "To perform an effective advisory role, I need to understand where you're starting from, and where you're going! I take a 360-degree approach and make sure that the customer fully benefits from Videotron Business’ expertise and know-how," he says.

For Martin, a single word is enough to describe the collaboration that has developed over time between the Odotrack and Videotron Business teams: "Wow." He likes what he sees. "We get results!" So, are you ready for your business to grow exponentially? Contact us today and make Videotron Business and Odotrack your sought-after allies!

Who is Francis Miron Diaz?

Francis has been Senior Account Manager for Videotron Business for the past three years. He has been working in the telecommunications field for more than ten years. His technology expertise allows him to optimize the operations and potential of each client. He specializes in offering solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT).

11 october 2023, By Videotron Business

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