The top 3 advantages of cloud computing for your sme

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Cloud computing democratizes corporate communication for businesses of all sizes, paving the way for new possibilities and big savings that can be reinvested in your growth. Here are three reasons to adopt unified communications.

1. Increase team productivity

A turnkey solution available as a monthly plan, cloud telephony, or VoIP, gives SMEs access to applications once reserved for large enterprises “For example, each employee can have their own unique telephone number, associated with their mobile, tablet, computer, or office phone,” points out Martin Lefrançois, Director of Network Product Development at Videotron. It’s a service that can revolutionize your business practices for good...

The convergence of fixed and mobile phone services isn’t the only example of how this technology can benefit your SME. Chat services, screen sharing, and presence indicator buttons are also great examples of applications that make collaborating at a distance easier and more efficient.

“A company based in Montréal that wants to give a presentation to a client in Québec City can easily do so remotely, thanks to videoconferencing and screen sharing applications,” explains Jonathan Fortin, Director of Marketing, Products and Strategy at Videotron.

By doing so, the SME is limiting costs and travel time, all while reinforcing the business relationship it has with its clients . . . and all thanks to cutting-edge, high-performing technologies.

2. Minimize operational costs

Thanks to cloud computing, your SME doesn’t need to purchase costly equipment or hire additional employees. Your service provider will start by assessing your current network. Then, he or she will install a telephone system and configure the points of access and employees’ workstations. And because the servers are hosted by the service provider in question, they’re the ones responsible for maintaining the system and keeping it up to date. This means that your SME can spend less time and fewer resources managing the telephone and IT equipment dedicated to your main activities. By combining increased productivity with significant savings, your growth objectives will be more attainable than ever before!

Good to know

Thanks to cloud computing, your SME doesn’t need to purchase costly equipment or hire additional employees.

3. A flexible solution adapted to your situation

Finally, the advantages of a hosted IP system aren’t limited to just a lower monthly bill. The solution you opt for evolves with the needs of your company, employees, and clients. You can add features as your business grows, without having to switch equipment. In fact, that’s one of the major advantages of VoIP: it lets you improve your communications, all while benefitting from a flexible solution.

In a nutshell

  • Unified communications used to be reserved for large enterprises, but today, SMEs can also benefit from this turnkey solution that boasts undeniable perks and low costs.

  • Affordable, a cloud telephone system not only increases productivity, it facilitates decision making and problem solving.

  • Thanks to user-friendly tools, the geographical distance between you and a business partner is no longer an obstacle, leading to stronger client relationships.

  • When it comes to your business needs, trust your service provider with all your services; he or she will deploy the personalized configuration you’re looking for.

17 January 2022, By Videotron Business

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