Specialized business features for cloud communications

Enjoy even more features! Adapt your cloud telephony solution to your company with our à la carte options.

Additional auto attendant

The auto attendant answers calls and automatically routes them to the selected extension or department. A recorded announcement is played for the caller, then the call is transferred to the other extensions or services.

Virtual receptionist console[ln] 

Virtual management console used by receptionists in contact with the public, to help them filter and route incoming calls.

Call recording

Fully hosted solution to record, store, organize and access customer call recordings.

Additional waiting line

When a call comes in, the waiting line allows callers to wait in a "queue" and then distribute the calls according to the routing rules defined in the telephone system until a person becomes available.

Search group

Allows an authorized user to create a set of extensions that can be grouped together so that incoming calls ring on all phones simultaneously, or in another sequence.

Additional number

Allows the addition of an extra phone number that is not linked to a user, for example to have numbers from several different regions.

Group paging 

Allows an authorized user to initiate a one-way communication to a predefined set of users (up to 75).

Advanced call center1

Enables efficient call processing and status management by call center agents, real-time monitoring of agents and waiting lines activity by call center supervisors, and generation of historical reports on agents and waiting lines activity by call center supervisors.