IP MPLS Private Networks

Fully managed, the MPLS IP Private Networks service offers ultra-flexible bandwidth and traffic prioritization, without any device management on your part.

Replace a single IP network for all your business locations and move away from equipment management

Give your IT team the ability to focus on value-added projects rather than managing your network. The fully managed MPLS private network service allows your business to connect all of its sites to a single IP network. This gives you ultra-flexible bandwidth and allows you to prioritize the types of traffic (voice, video, data, etc.) on your network.


  • Dynamic QoS: a network that adapts to your needs
  • Simultaneous bidirectional access over optical fibres up to 10 Gbps
  • Private network
  • Managed network/no equipment management/MPLS network monitoring
  • Service agreement (SLA) offered
  • Platform: Carrier Ethernet

Category of service levels (CoS):

4 basic service categories are offered:*

  • Realtime
  • Mission Critical
  • Best Effort
  • Less than Best Effort

*If necessary, up to 12 service categories can be defined.

A matter of priority

To take full advantage of your network, it is necessary to assign priorities to different services on the network, especially when it comes to routing data from one remote location to another.

With our IP MPLS service, you define the service rules (quality of service) according to your operational needs. In addition to prioritization, our service also allows dynamic adjustment of your network by reallocating resources according to the needs of your applications.

Deployment modes tailored to your needs

Simple MPLS connection
An MPLS connection over fibre optics to connect your office to your private IP network.

MPLS connection with fibre redundancy
An MPLS connection with a switchover to a second fibre optic connection.

If problems occur with your primary connection, an automatic switchover to your second optical link is performed autonomously. The return to your primary connection is also done without any intervention on your part. This deployment mode allows you to maintain the same level of service when problems occur on your primary link.

It is also possible to configure everything to take advantage of two fibre paths in complete diversity.

MPLS connection with LTE backup
An MPLS connection with stand-alone backup to wireless access (LTE).

Whatever the situation, if your fibre optic connection encounters problems, LTE reading allows for an automatic switchover to a wireless connection. The return to your primary connection is also done without any intervention on your part.

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