Shared Mobile Data Add-ons

Optimize your connections with Data Add-ons.

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Go beyond your plan data

If you need more data than what’s included in your plans on a regular or ad hoc basis, you can add a sharable Mobile Data Add-on that meets your needs.

The Add-ons can be used on any tablet, Mobile Internet Key or Mobile Wi-Fi on your business account.

Pricing of shared data blocks





$ 2.00 /month $ 3.00 /month $ 5.00 /month

$ 3.00 /month $ 5.00 /month $ 8.00 /month

$ 5.00 /month $ 10.00 /month $ 15.00 /month

Pay-per-use fees : Rates for exceeding the included data : $0.02/MB.*

*  These limited-time offers are intended to current mobile business customers and new mobile business customers. Data add-ons may only be modified once monthly. The mobile data add-ons are available for a single user and offers data sharing between lines of the same account with plans of the same region. If you exceed the limit set by your fixed rate, you will be charged for every additional MB of data transferred. On Videotron's extended network, data consumption is billed by the kilobyte. Additional data transfer fees are rounded up to the nearest cent. While roaming, data transfer fees may apply. Available only where Videotron's mobile service is marketed. Performance and rates may differ while located on Videotron's partner network. A device compatible with Videotron's mobile network is required. One-time SIM card fee and applicable taxes are not included. Services and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. See list of pay-per-use fees. Certain conditions apply.