CloudEXTN cloud service

Our uncompromising cloud service.

CloudEXTN directly connects your business to your cloud service providers.

Whether it is an international cloud service provider, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, or a regional one—Projet Cirrus, Medwave Optique, or Keyloop—CloudEXTN connects your provider with your network infrastructures, namely your offices, data centres, and SD-WAN or MPLS networks.

With CloudEXTN, you get a high-performance solution that facilitates the use of your cloud-based technologies, which are typically considered complex. However, with CloudEXTN, you get private, end-to-end access management, providing you with a direct link to your services and applications hosted on the cloud. You’ll be on cloud nine!

Our Advantages

Data centres are a thing of the past!

Videotron Business ensures your business connectivity. Thanks to the CloudEXTN network, you have access to a managed solution and enjoy a preferential rate, helping you avoid Internet data usage fees.

Less equipment, less maintenance

When you opt for the CloudEXTN solution, you do not need to install a firewall or any specific equipment. Videotron Business handles all connectivity elements, including updates and maintenance.

Pricing and data transfers

Rates advertised by cloud service providers are established based on data transfer rates. The rates vary greatly depending on whether the data is transmitted via a simple Internet access or a private connection. When your business calls on the CloudEXTN private network, you avoid Internet data usage fees.

A solution for every situation

Single site
For your office or a data centre. CloudEXTN will set up a virtual network that is exclusive to your establishment. Our experts will then connect your cloud service providers to this network.

Need an end-to-end high availability network? The CloudEXTN solution ensures redundancy of the links between your providers and your network infrastructures.

SD-WAN network
For your SD-WAN network. The CloudEXTN team will create a bridge within the Videotron Business IP/MPLS network, ensuring transparent connectivity between your cloud service providers and the topology of your network. Connectivity between your CloudEXTN sites and the bridge with your SD-WAN sites will have the ability to communicate with your cloud infrastructure.

MPLS network
For your MPLS network. The CloudEXTN solution will be added to your MPLS network and integrated into its architecture, like an additional site. In this mode, each of your MPLS sites will be capable of communicating directly with your cloud infrastructure. This evolving architecture enables easy migration to an SD-WAN network.

Hybrid network
If you are looking to migrate an MPLS network to an SD-WAN network, or to create a long-term hybrid architecture, you can integrate CloudEXTN to your hybrid network. Certain addresses will be connected in MPLS mode only, while others will be connected in SD-WAN mode. Each of your MPLS sites will have direct communication with your CloudEXTN sites, and the SD-WAN site will be able to access the CloudEXTN sites via the bridge between your SD-WAN network and MPLS network.

From one cloud to another
It is possible to use the CloudEXTN solution to connect one cloud to another, without having to connect to a geographical address. CloudEXTN will create a private network exclusive to your business to establish communication between your cloud service providers. You should consider this solution if you plan to migrate from one cloud service provider to another.

Benefit from a dedicated team

Our experts are there to answer your questions, guide you, and evolve with you.

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