Hybrid cloud communications

    Hybrid cloud communications

    Now you won’t miss a single event, using a single number on all your devices, at the office, on the road or while telecommuting.

    Models Communications en nuage hybrides:

    With the Hybrid Cloud Communications plan, you can count on an even more efficient business phone solution. For example: you can unify each employees’ fixed and mobile phone services.


    • Basic Cloud Communications plan features
    • Single number reach: on fixed or mobile phone
    Starting at $ 
    with a 36-month agreement
    Internet access not included.
    Basic cloud communications
    • Reliable cloud phone system
    • Unlimited long-distance calls within Canada and to the United states
    • Web portal call management
    Starting at $2700*/user *With a 36-months agreement
    Internet access not included.
    Unified cloud communications
    • Hybrid Cloud Communications plan features
    • Teleconferencing (audio and video)
    • Screen sharing and contextual integration
    Starting at $3700*/user *with a 36-month agreement
    Internet access not included.
    Mobile cloud communications
    • Automated Attendant for Mobile
    • Dual Identity for Mobile
    Starting at $1500*/user *with a 36-month agreement0
    If combined with a Videotron Business Mobile Telephone plan
    Hybrid Teleworking
    Optimize communications between your clients and teleworking employees.
    $1500*/month **cost per employee, with 36-month agreement