Unified cloud communications

    Unified cloud communications

    Communicate more, communicate better, communicate however you wish.

    Models Communications en nuage unifiées:

    With the Unified Cloud Communications plan, you can gain productivity with the latest business communication tools, regardless of the device you use, at the office, on the road or while telecommuting.


    •  Hybrid Cloud Communications plan features
    • Teleconferencing (audio and video)
    • Screen sharing and contextual integration
    • Instant messaging and presence indicator
    Starting at $ 
    with a 36-month agreement
    Internet access not included.
    Basic cloud communications
    • Reliable cloud phone system
    • Unlimited long-distance calls within Canada and to the United states
    • Web portal call management
    Starting at $2700*/user *With a 36-months agreement
    Internet access not included.
    Hybrid cloud communications
    • Basic Cloud Communications plan features
    • Single number reach: on fixed or mobile phone
    Starting at $3200*/user *with a 36-month agreement
    Internet access not included.
    Mobile cloud communications
    • Automated Attendant for Mobile
    • Dual Identity for Mobile
    Starting at $1500*/user *with a 36-month agreement0
    If combined with a Videotron Business Mobile Telephone plan
    Hybrid Teleworking
    Optimize communications between your clients and teleworking employees.
    $1500*/month **cost per employee, with 36-month agreement