Two steps forward, no steps back

Profile of Jonathan Lecomte owner of two stores, one in Sainte-Julie and the other in Boucherville.

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In his 28 years working at Videotron, Jonathan Lecomte has (almost) done it all. Starting out as a Superclub clerk back in 1994, his was quite an atypical journey. Now the owner of two stores, one in Sainte-Julie and the other in Boucherville, the businessman is breaking new ground, personally going to meet the business clientele.

“Since 2016, I have gone through three renovation and two acquisition projects,” he says. “I was getting bored now.” Lecomte therefore saw Videotron’s turning to small and medium enterprises as an opportunity to develop his sales skills instead of hiring account managers.

Entrepreneurial profiles

These days, proximity is a rare commodity. However, it is this proximity to the reality of your business and to your region that makes our strength. With now 39 stores offering the full range of business services to local entrepreneurs, we have decided to make a series of portraits that highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners of those stores.

Always learning

“I didn’t do much sales in my stores; I had managers already doing a good job of it,” says Lecomte. “The challenge for me now is to truly get to know the products.”

He salutes his colleagues’ help and support. “Most of them are way ahead of me, and often they’re half my age, but still, they shave the patience to teach me about our computer system,” jokes Lecomte.

In his opinion, it takes a lot of humility to knock on people’s doors unexpectedly. “You need to go after those quick wins not to get discouraged!”

Knowing when to take a step back...

At the time, he was responsible for the staff and for building teams⁠—his strength. “I’ve always had a knack for surrounding myself with effective, operational people.”

Although he once managed a team of 75 employees, he decided to take on less to better meet the expectations of his staff and customers. “This allows me to invest body and soul,” says Lecomte. “With a bigger team, it can be hard to know exactly what’s happening on the ground.”

He feels that puts him ahead of the game, particularly when it comes to mobilizing his employees. “It’s important to take the time to think and to take a step back to ensure the business is well positioned.”

7 September 2022, By Videotron Business

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