Cloud Communications deployment steps

All the information to understand the steps for a successful VoIP solution deployment, from assessment to activation.

1- Assessment and suscription

A representative will:

  • Define the solution
  • Optimize the configuration of the current system
  • Evaluate the services and costs

2- Launch

A Videotron Managed services coordinator will discuss the following points with you:

  • Planning the implementation project
  • Number transfer information
  • People to contact

3- Implementation

Our Managed services coordinator will:

  • Outline the necessary configurations
  • Configure the solution and users (passwords, usernames and voicemails for all users

4- Installation

Our technical quality experts and managed services coordinators:

  • Install your telephones and the firmware for each device
  • Register each device on the cloud-based platform
  • Adjust the configurations for the system and routing service
  • Train the administrators, by phone (overview of the solution, admin/user portals, COMMaffairesapps, Support site, Contacts tab, Orders tab, Administrator accounts tab, etc.)

5- Activation

Your cloud-based IP telephone system will be activated and the number transfer will be finalized on the agreed-upon date.

One of our managed services coordinator will test your services to ensure they meet all your needs.

6- Support

Technical support and managed services representative are available by phone to answer your questions and support you however we can.

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