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Profile of Daniel McSween, visual artist now at the helm of four Videotron boutiques

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A stroke of luck

Nothing predestined Daniel McSween, visual artist, to become a businessman. Now at the helm of four Videotron boutiques, this jack-of-all-trades likes to say, with a touch of humour, that his success was a stroke of a luck.

The self-proclaimed cinephile never imagined he would one day own the video club he visited every week . . .until the former owner asked him if he wanted to buy it! McSween flung himself into his new endeavour, convinced of the potential of his future store and his ability to offer the best services possible. A natural go-getter, he does, however, admit that he had his moments of doubt. 

“I wasn’t familiar with the business. Plus, I bought the place in June, and I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to make any money because the stores are always empty that time of year.”

The four months during that first summer ended up being profitable in terms of movie rentals. “I was luckier than others,” confirms the entrepreneur, who recognizes that his path has been marked by trial and error. “I learned as I went; sometimes I got knocked down, but I advanced more than I backtracked.”


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Innate leadership

While administration might not be his greatest strength, McSween excels at marketing and relationships. “I’m a patient guy and I’ve been told that I exude lots of leadership,” explains the businessowner, who counts 38 employees among his four boutiques, located in Vaudreuil, Chambly, Châteauguay, and Verdun. “I always try to smooth things over and rally the troops in a positive manner.” 

And ideas aren’t lacking for this former painter. “I never learned to build strategies,” admits the owner. “Instead, I watch and analyze what’s being done elsewhere, for example, and use that as inspiration to attract and retain customers. I just go for it. It’s innate!”

Hence why he threw himself into the transformation of his boutiques without hesitation. “I like the feeling I get in retail, being in competition, and having to fight to grow and develop my network. I felt like this transformation was a great opportunity.” 

26 July 2022, By Videotron Business

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