Telecommunications: 3 advantages of grouping your services

Now more than ever, SMEs have every reason to call on a technological ally to deploy their growth strategy. First things first, begin by taking a step back to reassess all your current telecommunication services. You will see that there are several benefits to a technological spring cleaning!

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Telecommunications companies are constantly enhancing their service offering to cater to the business clientele. Yanick Proulx, Senior Director responsible for Product Innovation and Strategic Partnerships for Videotron Business, notes the extent of this phenomenon, from past to present.

“Long ago, clients would buy their phone system from the specialized equipment provider of their choice and would simply plug it in to get service from a telecommunications company. The company, for its part, would get its server from an IT reseller. They would set up the required infrastructure by their own means and would connect the network cable to the equipment provided by the Internet provider,” he recalls. Things certainly have changed…

“The IP shift completely turned things around. Cloud-based solutions now allow for unified telecommunications, for example. From connection specialists, we’re now a one-stop shop for innovative solutions.” In addition to the four basic services—Mobility, Internet, TV, and Home Phone—there are now more evolved services, such as the Internet of Things, private network solutions, the Wi-Fi management solution, and cybersecurity.

Beyond this strong valuable offering (and the choices involved with it), one question often remains for the business clientele: which telecommunications provider(s) to choose? The answer may shock you!

Everything under one roof

As an IT manager or specialist, are you confident that the technological structure you have in place truly offers greater efficiency and satisfaction for your organization? Do you truly feel you are getting the royal treatment from the two or three service providers each deploying a different technology to meet all your telecommunications needs?

If the answer is no, then it is probably time to consider a new option: the centralization of your services and solutions. The current context of labour shortages, increased salaries, and overall inflation are excellent reasons to review your processes. Staffing, time, and money resources you can assign to IT are clearly limited; all the more reason to build a solid partnership with just one industry player.

Here are a few benefits of assigning all your telecommunications services to just one trusted partner.

1- Simplify your management to achieve your goals

How much time do you spend negotiating current agreements with your various suppliers? How many different people do you have to reach by phone to get a better price, manage a technical glitch, or receive an explanation related to various contracts? All these steps make you deviate from your business objectives. Conversely, having only one supplier allows you to direct all your energy towards achieving your mission.

Choosing to group all your telecommunications services under one roof also enhances your bargaining power with your partner. Whether it’s to obtain a better price or to improve certain services, you can rest assured that your concerns will be taken seriously. Your CFO will be happy to have only one invoice to process and an overview of this budget item. Adopting simplicity means choosing to focus on your high-performance activities!

2- Create a synergy with your tech partner

A group of people working together towards a common goal will produce better results than a bunch of people working in silos. So, if your IT resources only have one vendor to deal with, chances are the results you get will surpass what you're currently getting with a higher number of vendors! These synergies are worth their weight in gold since they are the guarantee of great efficiency.

Videotron Business recently chose to forge strong partnerships with technology firms to facilitate your own technological progress. "It’s not realistic for an SME to develop all the products it needs on its own. By choosing a single telecommunications provider, it’s possible to become familiar with the portfolio of solutions available to customers. The technologies we offer with X-Telia, ADVISIA, and HealthHub, for example, integrate perfectly with more traditional solutions," says Yanick Proulx.

« Tell us about your business needs, not your telecommunications needs. In today’s world, it’s necessary to see beyond simply connecting a wire. »

- Yanick Proulx

3- Prevent and resolve issues efficiently

In a context where multiple suppliers are in contact with your business, one of your IT team members must make several calls to each of them to determine the source of a problem. And if a "corrective" measure is applied to a service that does not require it, the situation can quickly escalate. Suppliers, lacking an overview of your technology structure or in-depth knowledge of the products supplied by competitors, might very well continuously put the onus on one another, dragging the situation out. And you’re the one who pays the price!

Choosing to forge a long-term relationship of trust with a single supplier facilitates the management of technical problems. A dedicated supplier is more likely to know your reality, have a better understanding of your environment, and be able to come up with solutions that can solve several issues at once!

« A telecommunications company needs to know its customer well and have a holistic view of the technology ecosystem in place. »

- Yanick Proulx

Therefore, with a single phone call, the same technical support agent can determine if the problem is related to your Internet connection, local network, or a desk phone update. The proper measure can then be deployed quickly for the required service, without you having to make multiple distress calls.

Three lines of thought

You now understand why it might be interesting for a company to group all their telecommunications services under one roof. Here are some of the criteria to consider to choose your telecommunications service provider as wisely as possible.

Availability : The provider that offers the fastest Internet service may not be able to provide you with a redundancy link, which, for your business, might be essential. As part of your reassessment, it’s this type of upstream reflection that must be carried out. If Guaranteed Internet is a top priority for you, do your research accordingly.

Reputation : Reliability should also be a top priority. According to a study conducted by Leger Marketing in October 2021, Videotron is at the top of the telecommunications provider for business customers, with a 97% satisfaction rate. "Find out what level of service the desired supplier is able to deliver. Are they able to adequately support your company’s growth? Are their solutions powerful enough to keep up with your company's projected evolution for years to come?" asks Yanick Proulx.

Price : Be careful not to fall into the all-too-common trap of focusing solely on the cost of a monthly payment. Don’t be afraid to ask the question: "What kind of real costs am I looking at?" Find out what prices will be in effect after the promotional period has come to an end. Also confirm the installation costs to be expected, the cost of equipment for each of the desired services, and any other costs related to maintenance, updates, and technical support.

« The price is a crucial element, yes, but it must intervene at the end of the process, once the needs have been determined and the solutions identified by both parties. »

- Yanick Proulx

Our shared values

By partnering with a single trusted supplier, a company is taking a crucial step towards optimizing their resources. But technology cannot work alone: it requires expertise, skills, and a human approach. And it is on this basis that a true relationship develops between the members of your team and that of Videotron Business, which already serves more than 147,000 business customers.

"We have a good understanding of your issues. We are growing, as evidenced by our recent acquisition of Freedom Mobile. It is in our DNA to want to perform and to support our customers on the path to success," concludes Yanick Proulx.

So, are you ready for a whole new analysis of your business needs? Contact us today and, together, we can reassess your telecommunications needs and do some technological spring cleaning!

4 april 2023, By Videotron Business

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