Wi-Fi: The ultimate guide for choosing a service tailored to your business needs

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Have you ever noticed how users often think that Wi-Fi and Internet are one and the same? And yet, it’s quite the opposite. Wi-Fi is a technology that enables the wireless transmission of data between electronic devices via radioactive waves. It works according to different transmission frequency and speed standards. Wi-Fi therefore makes it possible to share Internet access with all connected devices within the organization. So by that definition, Wi-Fi is not the same as Internet!

Another myth also needs debunking. Generally speaking, a business cannot rely upon a residential connection for its Wi-Fi needs. Business-grade technology is always more tailored to meet business needs. Here are the suggested steps to help you choose the best service for your organization.

Businesses: 4 important steps for choosing your Wi-Fi

1) Assess the reliability and performance of an end-to-end network

Contrary to popular belief, the speed proposed by the telecommunications service provider is not the main factor to consider when looking to connect your business. In this case, the reliability and performance of a service such as the Guaranteed Internet service are much better selection criteria. And the same principle applies when choosing the Wi-Fi service best adapted to your situation: reliability and performance are key!

A high-performance Business Wi-Fi network provides users with end-to-end signal that can be received anywhere it needs to be, and is designed so as to prevent interruptions, latencies, and signal losses. Each access point (AP) must therefore be connected directly by Ethernet cable to the router in order to ensure optimal distribution of the Internet in the form of a Wi-Fi signal, provided directly by the router. Inversely, for residential connections, Wi-Fi pods do not generate their own signal: they simply extend the signal from the router. The signal’s quality declines the farther away it is from said equipment…

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The Videotron Business technicians who oversee the deployment of the Wi-Fi Pro Business solution ensure you get a reliable, high-performance service. They target full coverage in the establishment with optimized installation of access points. You can therefore rest assured that the network’s signal reaches every corner of your premises, and that the management of all simultaneous connections required is a mere formality!

Therefore, to ensure your company’s Wi-Fi coverage is optimal, it is important to ask the provider about the coverage extension modes they can provide beforehand.

2) Opt for reinforced security with cloud features

Business-grade equipment have security features that equipment designed for residential usage do not. Yet, businesses must generally count on a secure Wi-Fi to ensure the network’s reliability, minimize risks of intrusion, and maximize confidentiality.

Certain features highlight the extent of security possibilities. The business can create different, distinctive Wi-Fi networks to limit the risk of potential incidents: a primary network, a second network for guests, a third for employees, and others dedicated to operations or to connected devices, for example. This allows the business to control access to certain sites or apps based on the type of authorized users per network.

Moreover, Wi-Fi Pro offers a cutting-edge cloud-based technology: Videotron Business provides ongoing automatic updates to ensure the greatest possible security to your business network. With this peace of mind, your teams can focus on what really matters: achieving your business goals!

3) Focus on analytical possibilities to boost your growth

Videotron Business customers who choose this robust Wi-Fi get access to a management portal. This portal includes various analysis features and real-time visibility of activity on your different Wi-Fi networks. In fact, three key features are indispensable for businesses.

HPE GreenLake Guests Presence Analytics

Improve the customer experience with a guest network

Offer your customers a streamlined experience with an easy way to connect to your network via their social media profiles or email address. Take the opportunity to offer exclusive promotions on a login page in your company's image, with the aim of increasing your turnover!

Make decisions based on real-time data

With advanced analytics, you can track your operations remotely and get real-time online information on your establishment’s traffic, the number of visitors, unique or recurring, and the average duration and frequency of their visits. This will allow you to tap into new revenue opportunities, optimize your workspaces, and increase your presence in your market.

Monitor network status across all your locations

Track the status of your Wi-Fi network across all your points of sale in real time. Get quick diagnostics and solutions and identify equipment that needs to be monitored for optimal performance in just a few clicks.

4) Demand a five-star customer experience

When it comes to your business Internet and Wi-Fi needs, you’re entitled to top-notch treatment from your telecommunications service provider. For example, does your service provider offer 24/7 technical support so that you can resolve any issues as soon as they arise and, thus, ensure the continuity of your business?

Videotron Business is constantly striving to offer solutions tailored to your reality. To this end, Wi-Fi Pro is not the only option available in our business portfolio. Wi-Fi in managed mode could also be suitable for larger organizations. Depending on your specific needs, our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation. Wi-Fi coverage, number of users, location, building materials, and potential interference are some of the factors that will be scrutinized to accurately determine the ideal solution to deploy for your business.

Wi-Fi: Concrete applications for all businesses

Regardless of your field of activity or the size of your organization, Videotron Business offers Wi-Fi solutions adapted to your reality.

Retail businesses, just like hotels, bars, and restaurants, benefit from offering free, end-to-end Wi-Fi access to their customers to improve their experience and entice them to stay longer. The advanced features of Business-grade Wi-Fi is also ideal for collecting customer data, including their purchasing habits, and providing visitors with targeted ads and personalized offers.

Retailers need reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi to allow employees to process payments using mobile devices, which improves the speed of transactions and, in turn, customer satisfaction. They also have every interest in improving the management of their stocks by using the Internet of Things (IoT). Wi-Fi-connected devices allow you to view inventory levels in real time.

For their part, real estate developers must rely on robust Wi-Fi to keep their buildings safe. This allows them to integrate security and access control systems, such as wireless surveillance cameras and smart locking devices.

Manufacturers can also benefit from the emergence of IoT solutions. Several factories use our solutions to link connected devices to monitor and control production processes in real time.

These examples show not only that Business-grade Wi-Fi solutions play a key role in the operational efficiency of various industries, but also that Videotron Business remains an essential choice for businesses that want to implement and benefit from said solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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