Videotron Business: a network of partners and a great team

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For several years now, Videotron Business has been working to build a network of partners to enhance its service offering. These partners—technology solutions companies—bring cutting-edge expertise and benefit from Videotron Business' strengths: a well-established sales and distribution network, marketing expertise, and renowned customer service.

Thanks to these collaborations, our business customers have access to a five-star experience, turnkey projects, and many of the benefits associated with grouping all of their telecommunications services together. Yes, we now offer much more than just reliable connectivity. Our one-stop-shop for innovative solutions is based on various partnerships.

Partnerships: an overview

X-TELIA: the Internet of Things (IoT) specialist

X-TELIA is a company specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT), and more specifically in solutions based on LoRa technology and its LoRaWAN communication protocol. Thanks to the partnership with Videotron Business, many smart cities in Québec are now benefiting from innovative technological solutions to optimize their operations.

Virtuose Technologies: the Internet of Things comes to the aid of healthcare

Optimizing Home Care through Technological Innovations

Founded in 2020, Virtuose Technologies’ mission is to develop tools dedicated to improving healthcare, at home and in institutions. Its digital solutions—Virtuose Dialogues, Virtuose Console, and Virtuose Virtual Assistant—are patient-centred and support a patient's caregivers. They increase the supply of clinical services, promote the deployment of self-care management, increase a patient’s sense of security, and improve response time, for the greater benefit of users.

ADVISIA: revolutionary digital signage with

This company specializes in offering digital signage solutions for healthcare facilities, hotel establishments, and even bars and restaurants! Digital signage is a highly flexible, easy-to-use marketing and communication tool that allows real-time information to be displayed across multiple screens and boards. Technology that offers several advantages.

Gesticom: simple and easy management of your mobile devices

With MDM GestiCom, companies can manage their mobile devices in real-time via a variety of settings that make configuration easier and increase security with different restrictions and controls available on iOS and Android. The platform also simplifies the accounting associated with this equipment, by offering some thirty unique and detailed reports, designed to bring together information related to invoices in a simple and interactive way.

EMnify: IoT connectivity around the world

When Videotron Business identifies potential opportunities to meet the technological needs of local businesses, it immediately turns to the Québec market in its quest for partnerships. However, we don’t hesitate to choose national or international partners when the proposed solutions are not currently available locally.

One such example? EMnify, with Head Quarters located in Germany, develops, operates, and provides the infrastructure, network access, and management tools to enable large-scale IoT connectivity as a cloud resource. Through this partnership, we are able to offer an integrated IoT Self-managed platform, securely bridging IoT Applications to end devices using Videotron’s global roaming agreements.

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The “Products, Innovation, and Partnerships” team

Behind this network of partners is a new entity within Videotron Business: the Products, Innovation, and Partnerships team. Because any technological initiative is based above all on experts who are passionate about their profession and who really have your success at heart! These employees are responsible for maintaining relationships with our partners, implementing new products and services in Videotron Business' supply chain, and ensuring the success of the operation.

Here are some of the members of our incredible team!

Bruno Crispin
Senior Director, Product, Innovation, and Partnerships

Bruno is passionate about technology, communications, and innovation. He has more than 23 years of experience in product development and management, as well as marketing and management of strategic telecommunications partnerships for the business segment.

He has served as president of the judges’ panel of the OSEntreprendre challenge ten times in recent years, for the Technological Innovation category. In his current role at Videotron Business, he is responsible for providing strategic and technological leadership in the management and development of business products and solutions, innovation strategy, and partnerships.

Martin Lefrançois 
Technical Director, Products

Martin graduated from Polytechnique Montréal with a degree in electrical engineering, with a specialization in telecommunications. He has been working in the field since 1992, for more than 30 years. He has been involved in international submarine cable and optical transport systems projects. He also oversaw the communications system of a municipal electrical distribution company in Western Canada.

Throughout his career, he also promoted Videotron Business in the field for 12 years, while working as a business solutions advisor for large companies, including ten of our largest clients. He has held his current position as Technical Director, Products since 2014.

Charles Coutu
Director, Business, Mobility, and IoT Product Development

Charles has extensive experience in product development, marketing, and B2B (business to business) sales solutions, both in a start-up and large enterprise environment. Throughout his 24-year career in the industry, he has successfully signed several major agreements with well-known industry players, including Nokia, Ericsson, IBM, Cap Gemini, and Comcast.

In his current role, he manages the implementation of new IoT connectivity and security services and oversees the development of a long-term vision for future 5G services for Videotron Business customers.

Susana Monteiro 
Director, Television, MDU, and Healthcare Business Products

Susana holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnique Montréal and an MBA from HEC Montréal. She has nearly 18 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, in the introduction of new technologies. She has developed expertise in the field of wireline access (xDSL, FTTx), where she led one of the first FTTH technology trials in Canada.

Currently, she is responsible for business television and digital signage products for clients ranging from multi-residential buildings to hotels, among others. In addition, she participates in the marketing of solutions dedicated to the healthcare industry.

Pascal Villeneuve
Director, Internet and Network Solutions Business Products

Pascal is known for his unwavering passion for telecommunications technology and the business world. By the time he was studying business administration, he was already considered a geek, as evidenced by his involvement in running a BBS—the ancestor of the Internet, so to speak.

The ink was barely dry on his 1997 diploma when he began his career as a technician for Videotron. Over the past 26 years, Pascal has worn many hats, successfully serving the B2B market with his knowledge. His current role allows him to leverage all of his experience and combine his two passions: technology and business.

Dany Tardif
Manager, Business Products, Mobility, and IoT

Dany is passionate about scientific and technological advances, the web and, of course, telecommunications. He has nearly 15 years of experience in business development, business intelligence, personnel management, and marketing. In 2018, he was the proud recipient of the Videotron Award of Excellence, which recognizes an employee's exceptional commitment to bringing Videotron's values to life.

Today, he is responsible for the management and development of products and business solutions, innovation strategy, and partnerships for the Mobility and Internet of Things product portfolio.

Anne-Laure Julian
Senior Manager, Business Products

With an unwavering passion for telecommunications, Anne-Laure has fifteen years of experience in this field and is developing a solid expertise in wireless technology. A graduate of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in electrical engineering and holder of an MBA from HEC, she has distinguished herself in several positions at Videotron over the years, from the deployment of new technologies to portfolio management.

In her current role at Videotron Business, Anne-Laure is responsible for the management and development of products and solutions, innovation strategy, and partnerships for the Business product portfolio.

Join the family! 

Today's organizations can't expect to deploy their technology vision by operating in silos. Wanting to do everything yourself is a major obstacle to the growth you hope to achieve. Whether it's due to the complexity of certain stages of the project or a lack of internal availability, one fact remains: being accompanied by a technology specialist is priceless!

Our business clientele is therefore free to choose us as the project manager for their projects. Our network of partners makes it easy for you. Instead of working with two, three, or four different suppliers, let Videotron Business oversee and coordinate all the work that needs to be done. You have only one direct point of contact for all your business needs and receive a single consolidated invoice. Enjoy peace of mind: after all, you already know our amazing team!

Want to become a Videotron Business partner?

Businesses' needs are evolving at breakneck speed, and Videotron Business wants to accelerate its service offering by forging new partnerships. Interested tech companies can notify us of their interest by writing to us here.

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