Why become a smart city?

The Internet of Things allows connected cities to look ahead. With smart solutions to improve citizens’ quality of life and protect the environment, your urban development is on the right track.

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Connect your city using the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is paving the way for more sustainable, efficient and attractive cities. With the help of Videotron Business and Quebec-based company X-Telia, transform your city for the well-being of the population.

We design customized solutions to improve the quality of your services while striving for better management of public expenditure.

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What is a smart city?

Improving traffic flow is a considerable challenge for communities. When thinking in terms of multimodal transportation for the future, being able to determine the amount of congestion is key. Solutions such as adaptive traffic lights enable traffic regulation in real time, fewer traffic jams, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart lighting leads to major energy savings and improves residents’ sense of safety. By automating the management of lighting for playing fields, parks, and buildings, you not only reduce your energy expenses, but facilitate the work of your employees. Such management can be handled much more intelligently through the use of presence sensors and lighting levels, as well as automated scheduling.

By using data that is both up to date and precise, residents and visitors will be able to discover empty parking spaces in advance and optimize their routes and movements through busy commercial areas. This will also contribute to reducing traffic caused by drivers searching for parking spaces.

Optimize the selective collection and smart management of garbage with solutions ranging from sensors that indicate when bins are full to the optimization of collection routes. You’ll reduce the number of unnecessary trips and keep your parks, common areas, and public spaces a lot cleaner and more welcoming to visitors when you can receive notifications once garbage levels have reached pre-established limits.

Connected, self-sustaining scientific weather equipment provides complete and accurate data for your city (precipitation, air quality, etc.).

Smart video enhances the safety of citizens by triggering instant alerts when suspicious activities are detected. The smart city is also the key to predicting natural hazards, which improves protection of its inhabitants, and also its assets and economic activities.

The IoT is an alternative to physical and time-consuming monitoring through automatic location and immediate detection of any malfunction or misuse.

Asset, vehicle or individual tracking solutions enable effective coordination of your resources. With automatic localization and immediate detection, the tracking platform provides an overview of your operations and facilitates their management (e.g., maintenance or disinfection operations management).

Water meters control water consumption and distribution at all times. With real-time alerts, you can quickly access data and reduce risk.

Connected transportation and vehicle fleet management

Municipalities can benefit from a connected transportation solution that tracks their fleets of vehicles.

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LoRa for the greatest possible number of people

The LoRa network is dedicated to the Internet of Things, and is particularly well suited to sustainable and smart cities. This adaptable technology allows a multitude of sensors to be connected and large amounts of data to flow with moderate bandwidth usage.

Low energy consumption

LoRa allows sensor energy autonomy, ensuring minimal maintenance.

Long-range connectivity

Information flows over greater distances in urban and rural areas compared to traditional telecommunications networks.

Open technology

LoRa technology ensures sensor compatibility and high interoperability.

Geolocation tracking

Geolocation tracking does not require GPS.
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Real-time solutions with 5G

5G combines performance and intelligence to provide you with connectivity adapted to the Internet of Things. This connectivity promotes the exchange of a significant amount of data and creates new opportunities for connected cities.

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