Internet of Things for smart building management

The Internet of Things improves the quality of life of occupants, while promoting the operational efficiency of buildings.

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What is the Internet of Things used for in smart buildings?

For more than 20 years, Videotron Business has been offering real estate operators innovative technological solutions.

Today, we are putting the IoT to work in building solutions that focus on both energy performance and the satisfaction and well-being of your residents. So the Internet of Things allows you to obtain more efficient and healthier buildings.


The IoT approach moves things forward

Energy management

IoT solutions help optimize the energy consumption of your buildings.


The IoT improves the air quality and temperature of your smart buildings for increased occupant comfort.


Sensors anticipate outages and detect malfunctions to enable quick responses.


Connected alarm, video surveillance and access control systems provide peace of mind for residents.

How does the Internet of Things work in building improvements?

Using smart sensors, which measure CO2 levels in the air, amongst other things, we can help you optimize your buildings’ ventilation and maintenance so you can save energy and ensure a healthy environment for occupants.

By positioning temperature and humidity sensors at key locations in your buildings, you maximize occupant comfort and energy performance.

Smart buildings automate lighting equipment for remote control and increased energy performance.

Management of smart buildings allows for improved parking space utilization and indicates real-time availability of parking spaces.

Smart energy management is a major environmental challenge. Using data science, you can analyze the water, gas and electricity consumption of your buildings to achieve substantial savings.

Connect your various dispensers (for hand soap, paper towels, etc.) so you can keep track of their content levels in real time and avoid running out of supplies. You can also track the content levels of your trash bins. 

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