Smart points of sale

Smart points of sale

Our Internet of Things solutions allow you to improve the quality of the consumer experience while generating more sales.

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Transform the customer experience

Videotron Business offers an Internet of Things solution to retailers to improve customer journeys, reduce waiting times at checkouts and increase the efficiency of their points of sale.

Our IoT experts support you in the digital transformation of your stores.

Wait no longer to connect your points of sale to your customers.

How do you make a point of sale smart?

Solutions adapted to smart stores

In connected points of sale, interactive terminal purchases trigger delivery or supply in real time.

With in-depth knowledge of your customer base, you can improve your service and increase points of interaction.

With our digital display solution, you deliver the right message at the right time on the screens of your choice to capture your customer’s attention with relevant content.

We help make it easier for your customers to pay in store, on a tablet or over the phone, by ensuring the connectivity of your mobile payment terminals.

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Real-time solutions with 5G

5G combines performance and intelligence to provide you with connectivity adapted to the Internet of Things. This connectivity promotes the sharing of a significant amount of data and creates new opportunities for connected points of sale.

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