Connected transport

The Internet of Things is paving the way for solutions to optimize travel for carriers, drivers and passengers.

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The Internet of Things takes you further

Videotron Business, in partnership with TELIA, offers carriers a smart transportation solution with multiple benefits.

The X-TRAQ solution lets you prevent outages, improve driver safety, and reduce delivery times. These are just a few of the applications made possible by the Internet of Things.

Applications adapted to your needs

Save time and money by controlling the maintenance activities and expenses required by your vehicles. By rigorously planning preventive maintenance and reviewing advanced analytical reports, you can improve the efficiency of your fleet.

We offer a complete solution for managing urban deliveries, including itinerary planning and order tracking. Efficiently and effortlessly assign resources and manage deliveries with improved synergy between dispatchers and delivery drivers.

Based on data provided by the onboard computer and fuel sensors, this solution lets you save up to 15% on the cost of fuel and significantly increase the efficiency of your fleet of vehicles. This system also enables you to detect theft and excessive fuel consumption.

Get peace of mind with EcoConduite, a solution that ensures improved security for drivers as well as any passengers or merchandise being transported. Identify your high-performing drivers and more effectively train those that are underperforming while reducing your fuel consumption.

Developed specially for the agricultural sector, Hecterra saves you time by performing automated calculations in addition to controlling specialized vehicles and providing access to reliable data.

What is the purpose of a smart vehicle?

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