Connected transport

The Internet of Things is paving the way for solutions to optimize travel for carriers, drivers and passengers.

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The Internet of Things takes you further

Videotron Business offers carriers a smart transport solution with multiple benefits. Preventing outages, improving driver safety and reducing delivery times are some of the applications made possible by the Internet of Things.

Our on-board Wi-Fi solution also provides an optimal experience for travellers.


  • Taxis, buses and trains  
  • Transport authority  
  • Municipal vehicle fleet 
  • Trucking and snow removal companies  
  • Delivery services  
  • School transport 

What is the purpose of a smart vehicle?

Optimize journeys

Our IoT solutions are designed for drivers and passengers by analyzing data to prevent outages and improve journeys.

GPS positioning allows you to locate your vehicles and property in real time, and to intervene quickly if necessary.

Travellers can benefit from IoT, either through on-board services or through tailor-made solutions offered by transport companies.

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