Connected workers

The Internet of Things makes life easier for workers on the road. We support them every day, on the ground and when they travel, with connected solutions.

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Stay connected with your workers on the road

Thanks to the digital innovation offered by the Internet of Things, your mobile workers are more connected than ever before.

Videotron Business designs custom Internet of Things solutions so you can continue to work effectively with your employees despite the distance between you.

Keep your employees and assets safe by monitoring their positions, movements and activities.

How do you connect your teams on the road?

Facilitate collaboration with your field staff by automating data collection. This limits errors and saves considerable time.

Vehicle sensors display, in real time, the location, movement and status of your assets, minimizing the risk of loss or theft.

Videotron Business supports you in managing your fleet of vehicles in order to secure your employees’ travel.

Smart video enhances the safety of isolated workers by triggering instant alerts when suspicious activities are detected.

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Real-time solutions with 5G

5G combines performance and intelligence to provide you with connectivity adapted to the Internet of Things. This connectivity promotes the sharing of a significant amount of data and creates new opportunities for your workers on the road.

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