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Québec businesses are facing a new reality: our ways of working, consuming, and producing have been forever changed. So we looked for ways to better understand these new challenges in order to offer you advice and tools that will allow you to grow your success. Transforming your challenges into opportunities—that’s our mission here at Videotron Business.

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Customer service & offices : 55% of employees prefer to continue working remotely.*

Customer service centres, call centres, and offices have undergone major transformations as a result of the pandemic. Seemingly overnight, working from home has become the new norm, even pushing some companies to fully adopt the teleworking model, while other companies have chosen to adopt a hybrid approach. How to overcome the challenges that come with these transformations, including quality of service and security, and the vulnerability of businesses?

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According to the BDC.

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Bar & restaurants : 84,700 jobs are missing from the restaurant sector.*

The bar and restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Even with the easing of some health measures, restaurant and bar owners are left to contend with half-empty establishments, higher food costs, and particularly difficult labour shortages. Thankfully, technological solutions exist to help rise to the challenge.

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According to Restaurants Canada.

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Health system: 3 challenges and solutions

Whether to compensate for the labour shortages or to improve the digital transformation that was fast-tracked as a result of the pandemic, technology is at the heart of the healthcare system now and in the future.

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The digital transition in the world of retail

The past few months have affected retail sales in ways none of us could have imagined. With the advent of e-commerce and the taking of markets by some web giants, consumers perceive less of the benefits of moving in physical space. Hence the imperative to pick them up where they are, in front of the screens of their computers, tablets and phones.

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Technological tools to help in education

The hurried digital shift has revealed inequalities between the students themselves, as well as between the schools, which are not all equipped in the same way. Thankfully, this situation can be rectified. Discover how.

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Technology to help the construction industry

The pandemic led to a boom in the construction industry. This rapid growth brings its fair share of issues, but technology exists to help remedy the situation.

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Hospitality: 4 challenges and solutions

The hotel industry is one of the sectors that has been most weakened by the pandemic. Thankfully, technology exists to transform the crisis into opportunity and guide struggling businesses back onto the right path.

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The Internet of Things for hotel industry

To help contend with the labour shortage, hoteliers could benefit from the use of connected objects capable of optimizing guests’ stays, ensuring a quick check-in, and alleviating employees’ tasks.

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