SD-WAN service

Our virtual network solution

With our SD WAN virtual network solution, you'll propel your business into the cloud era.

The SD-WAN solution offers an alternative to the traditional WAN (MPLS) network. It will allow you to strengthen your business network and ensure the scalability of your business.

SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of your network by enabling multiple accesses, such as high-speed Internet access, and the creation of a high-performance, versatile network environment at low cost.

The benefits

Scalable deployment modes

This deployment mode requires the SD-WAN network to be installed via Internet access. It allows you to set up a link with the provider's MPLS network and thus optimize the response time between branches, or to your cloud services, without having to connect the optical fibre of the MPLS network directly to the establishments.

The MPLS SD-WAN hybrid network uses the best link for mission-critical applications. If the location has MPLS access and Internet access, you will benefit from a hybrid network that offloads non-critical data to a secure Internet tunnel and routes critical data using MPLS.

It's easy to imagine the look of different AI traffic flows that want more efficient access to SaaS applications or special treatment for certain mission-critical applications.

The SD-WAN solution necessarily involves security concepts. It offers the possibility to secure traffic directly in the cloud. We can combine our SD-WAN service with our cloud security service.

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