The new procedure for installing Helix services, available to some Videotron customers, offers more flexibility and autonomy, in addition to continuous support from the first step until your Helix equipment is activated.

Benefits of self-installation



Choose when you want to set up your equipment at your own pace, without having to make an appointment and wait for a technician.



Install your Helix services free of charge with the new self-installation option and avoid the installation costs of a technician’s visit.



Need help with your installation process? Take advantage of the contactless support provided 24/7 by our Support site and Technical Support team.



Dive in with confidence: Helix equipment is very easy to handle, install and configure. If necessary, check the installation and user guides, available in print or in My Helix account.

Self-installation procedure

  1. Change your current plan to Helix by contacting our Customer Service department or stopping by the store nearest you.
  1. Your Helix equipment is then mailed to you. It will arrive within 48 to 72 hours1. If you switch your plan directly in store, you will be able to leave with your Helix equipment.
  1. Read the step-by step emails we send you to prepare for installing your Helix equipment and returning your old equipment.
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The perfect opportunity to switch to Helix

The new Helix technology offers you a smart, ultra-fast Wi-Fi network powered by fiber2 2 you can easily manage, along with a connected TV experience that brings all your content together and can follow you wherever you go.

Regardless of your usage habits, budget and tastes, Helix meets all your needs with the utmost flexibility.

Discover our plans

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Who can benefit from self-installation?

At this time, self-installation is available to Videotron customers who transfer their current wired services to Helix services:

Please contact us to check if you’re eligible for self-installation.

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Helix service installation by a technician

Don’t feel comfortable installing your new Helix equipment yourself? Choose the turnkey solution by making an appointment with a Videotron technician who will take care of everything for you.

Please note that a fee3 will be added to your invoice if you choose this option.

Learn more about installation by a technician.

Business hours, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays
The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre, coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.
An amount of up to $60 will be billed for the installation of your Helix services.