Vrai, a world without filters.

Vrai, a world without filters.

For a limited time, Vrai is offered for 12 months* to Helix TV customers. Get it now!

Reality of all kinds on your TV

Vrai is the first Québec subscription platform offering exclusively unscripted content in French via many original local productions, as well as key brands from elsewhere, including major international hits.

Whether it’s comedy, documentaries, cooking, decor, investigations or reality TV, Vrai is brimming with uninhibited and limitless content of all kinds in French, to be watched on demand.


Already a subscriber? Access Vrai

vrai chefs de bois

Tons of original Québec productions

Vrai offers exciting and captivating productions that will feed your guilty pleasures.

Browse through its extensive listings to discover new series, such as Chefs de bois, Espaces and L’atelier, featuring personalities who are an integral part of Québec culture, such as Mathieu Baron, Chantal Lacroix, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Jonathan Roberge and many others.

FAQ about Vrai

To add Vrai to your Helix TV or Helix TV App plan:

  1. Log in to My Account and select the Services & equipment section (on mobile, tap the My Account tab at the top of the page to display the sections).
  2. Under Helix Services and Manage your TV, click on the Choose your channels link.
  3. Enter Vrai in the Search channel field or scroll down to Access other specialty channels to find Vrai under Specialty channels.
  4. Click on the Vrai tile to add it to your plan and click on Continue.

Find out more support information for Vrai

Vrai’s original productions are unscripted and inspired from reality. Vrai entertains with a wide range of lifestyle content, comedy, docu-reality and more!

Club illico offers original scripted fiction productions. In addition, Club illico offers a fine selection of youth and teen content.

No, our offering is exclusively in French, with original Québec productions and major international brands in French.

ChEvery Tuesday, Vrai adds new titles to its selection of French-language content of all kinds.

Stay tuned, the Vrai app will be available soon.

Access to Vrai on tablet and mobile phone with the Helix TV app, on TV with the Helix TV service and online via helix.videotron.com requires a monthly subscription. The subscription gives customers the right to access part of the content through the digital TV platform, which requires a Helix TV or Helix TV App subscription.

* This limited-time offer applies exclusively to Videotron Residential customers who are not already subscribed to the Vrai platform. The offer entails a promotional discount of $7/month for 12 months. The offer is conditional upon customer maintaining their subscription to Vrai for the entire promotional period. A monthly subscription is required to access Vrai on Helix TV, and online at vrai.ca. Content availability varies by platform and is subject to change at any time. Viewing content online requires an Internet connection and may lead to extra data usage fees, which shall be borne by the customer. The subscription gives customers access to part of the content of Helix TV, for which a Helix subscription is required. Helix is available in certain regions, where technology permits. Taxes extra. Certain conditions apply.

**Vrai subscription varies: Vrai costs $7/month for Helix TV or Helix TV App customers and is included in the QUB app subscription for $15/month.

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