Save $15/month on Unlimited 30 Internet

Stay connected this winter thanks to the secure Internet of connected homes. Unlimited 30 Internet with Wi-Fi 61for only $50/month.

Ultrafast and high-performance unlimited Internet

With Helix, choose your unlimited download speed according to your Internet needs and budget.



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  • 30 Mbps Internet with unlimited downloads
  • Ultrafast and more powerful Wi-Fi 61 for all your devices
  • A strong signal that spreads throughout your home
  • The Helix Fi app for easy management of your Wi-Fi and connected devices
  • Advanced Security and Parental Control for your peace of mind

Reliable and powerful Internet, just the way you like it.

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Unlimited Internet access

With unlimited downloads included in your plan and continuous connection optimization, enjoy ultrafast Internet access no matter how many users and devices are connected.

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High-performance gateway

With the Helix Fi gateway and Wi-Fi 6 technology, you get a faster and more powerful Internet connection, so you can use more devices at the same time while using less power.

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See the benefits of Wi-Fi 6

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Centralized management

Use the Helix Fi app to easily manage your entire Wi-Fi network and all your connected devices and objects. Take advantage of Advanced Security to ensure your protection and Parental Control for sound management of how your family uses the Internet.

Discover the Helix Fi app

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Extended Wi-Fi coverage

Take advantage of a greater range and stay connected anywhere in your home, in the most remote areas and all the way outside, with Helix’s unmatched connection quality.

The benefits of an Internet plan with Videotron

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Fibre-powered Internet

The Helix Internet network combines the best cutting-edge technologies: fibre optics, coaxial, and Wi-Fi. Enjoy an ultrafast Internet connection that continuously self-optimizes, and take full control of your Wi-Fi network with the Helix Fi app, for sound management of your Internet consumption and usage.


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Unlimited Internet and online gaming

Enjoy download speeds of up to 400 Mbps and fast and smooth play on a reliable and powerful Wi-Fi network, even when multiple devices are connected at the same time.


Frequently asked questions about Videotron Internet

We offer you the speed test by Ookla, which is simple and free, to determine your Internet access performance by measuring the speed at which data is sent and received.

Conduct the Internet speed test

Instead of using a cable Internet modem, Helix works with the Helix Fi gateway—both a router and a modem—running on our fibre Internet that offers an unlimited connection of unmatched performance to allow you to easily connect all your wireless devices to your home network.

The Helix Fi application, free and included with any Helix plan, helps you manage your home Wi-Fi network and your connected home. You can set up your Wi-Fi in minutes, get the password for your wireless network, see who’s online, detect threats with Advanced Security, troubleshoot problems and manage family members’ network use with features like Pause and Parental Control.

More details about the Helix Fi app

Yes. Advanced Security, enabled on the Helix Fi application, provides protection against malicious sites and helps prevent phishing by monitoring the activity of your devices in real time and sending you notifications of suspicious activity. Its dashboard enables you to quickly view the situation and manage threats from the Helix Fi app.

Details about Advanced Security

If you are a Helix Internet subscriber, you can purchase the compatible smart equipment of your choice and pool it on your network by linking it to the Helix Fi app for centralized, simplified management of your smart home.

More details about home automation with Helix

Yes. The Helix Fi gateway is installed in a few quick and simple steps. Depending on the situation, you can install it yourself at your own pace or ask for one of our technicians to install it. This way, you can get the most out of your unlimited Internet without any delays.

More details about installation


Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

The Helix Internet network combines the best cutting-edge technologies: fibre optics, coaxial and Wi-Fi.

*This limited-time offer applies to new Helix customers who subscribe to Helix Internet and entails a promotional discount of $15/month for 24 months. Maintaining this discount is conditional upon customer subscribing to an Internet plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $53. Displayed rates include the purchase of a Helix Fi gateway. The Helix Fi gateway may be purchased through a single instalment of $288 or an instalment plan of $12/month for 24 months. Taxes not included. An extended product warranty for an additional 24-month period is also available for $36 per equipment. Customers who unsubscribe before the end of the 24-month payment period will have to pay the remaining balance of the equipment’s cost. Additional devices and other options are not included in the calculation of the monthly service rate required to be eligible for the discount. Rates subject to change without prior notice. Any changes made to a service, or combination of services, may result in a rate adjustment. Services, conditions and rates may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice.

**According to market share data collected by the Media Technology Monitor (MTM) in the fall of 2020.

***Latest generation of Wi-Fi (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi 2 gateway.