Helix, an ecosystem connected to your needs and your entertainment

Helix technology gives you unlimited, high-performance, reliable and secure Internet access, to which you can add a TV App plan or a TV plan that brings together all your content.

Helix is ingenious!

Well thought-out and easy to use, the Helix application ecosystem is at your service to make your daily life easier, and goes out with you for an extended entertainment experience. The Helix Fi and Helix TV apps are the useful companions of your connected life for :

  • Quickly and securely share access to your Wi-Fi network by QR code
  • Easily find all your content from your favourite platforms in one place
  • View the content of your choice in your own way, on different screens simultaneously, from the living room to the tub or the bus
  • Easily manage your Wi-Fi network, connected devices and users remotely
  • Set Parental Control with personalized profiles for each child
  • Program recordings from home or remotely, and download content for offline viewing

All the flexibility of Helix

Helix is available in three different offerings. You can either subscribe to Helix Internet only or go the next level with a TV App or TV plan to add features.

Borne internet icone wifi


  • Unlimited access with 5 choices of Internet speed
  • Helix Fi gateway with smart, ultrafast, and powerful Wi-Fi*
  • Helix Fi app for Wi-Fi and smart home management
  • Most secure Wi-Fi* with Advanced Security feature



Borne internet appli icone wifi

TV App

All Internet features included, plus :

  • Live channels, Premium channel included, and On Demand content
  • Simultaneous viewing on 5 different screens
  • Casting with Chromecast, AirPlay and Amazon Fire devices
  • Download and go feature for offline watching



Borne internet télé icone wifi


All Internet and TV App features included, plus :

  • IPTV with terminal and voice remote
  • Integrated apps (Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc.)*
  • 8 simultaneous recordings and 100 hours of storage
  • Secure Kids Zone with youth content




Équipement helix borne pod

High-performance Helix equipment

The Helix smart equipment, with its compact and minimalist design, is continuously optimized to give you the best performance.

  • The Helix Fi gateway, an all-in-one modem and router, connects all your devices
  • The Helix TV terminal and its voice remote control offer simplified usage and browsing.
  • Wi-Fi pods help you extend your Wi-Fi network coverage to more remote locations


Frequently asked questions about Helix

Helix is Videotron’s latest Internet, TV and home automation service. From its high-performance fibre Internet network, Helix offers you reliable Wi-Fi that meets all needs, connected TV (IPTV) that satisfies all viewing habits and home automation that will allow you to manage your smart home quickly and easily.

The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre, coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.

Yes, self-installation of the Helix Fi gateway and Helix TV terminal is the quick, easy and free method to install your equipment yourself, at your own time and at your own convenience. See the benefits of self-installation

If you do not wish to install your devices yourself, you can, of course, have your equipment installed by a Videotron technician. Details of an installation by a technician

You can subscribe to a Helix Internet plan starting at $50/month, and add a TV App plan starting at $10 more per month or a TV plan starting at $25 more per month.

Each Helix plan includes free rental of the required Helix equipment.

Shopping online, it’s worth it!

Fast and free delivery

Same prices as on the phone or in-store

At your convenience, 24/7

30-day satisfaction guarantee


Helix services availability
Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

Helix equipment availability
Helix equipment rental is subject to availability and models may vary.

Powerful Wi-Fi
Based on the Full Network Test feature in the Helix Fi app, for which an average of 90% of Helix Internet subscribers got good or excellent results in 2023.

Most secure Wi-Fi
For the protection of all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network at no additional cost. Conditional upon customer activating the Advanced Security feature free of charge in the Helix Fi app.

Helix TV integrated apps
A membership is required to use Club illico, Vrai, ICI TOU.TV EXTRA, Netflix, Hayu, Toober and Prime Video apps.