Internet speed test with Ookla

This free tool allows you to measure your Internet access performance by measuring the flow of data sent and received.

Instructions for a successful Internet speed test

  • Plug your computer directly into the Helix Fi gateway or cable modem. It is necessary to reinitialize the modem (press the Reset button) whenever you change the device connected to it.
  • Verify that your computer is not running other tasks. It is important to shut down all applications, navigation windows and tabs. Only the speed test window must be open. Open Task Manager (in Windows), click on the Application tab and then close all the applications.
  • Check that only the speed test uses your Internet connection. Open Task Manager (in Windows) and click on the Networking tab to check that the Local Area Connection graph is at zero.
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Warning: Each speed test performed from your mobile device can generate a data usage of up to 350 MB in 3G/LTE and up to 900 MB in 5G billed towards your monthly usage cap.


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Interpretation of the Internet speed test result

Why are you getting a different speed than the one specified in your plan? There can be several reasons depending on the factors affecting speed.


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    Several peripheral devices are connected at the same time

    An Internet speed test measures the speed of the device being used for the test, and not the speed provided to your home through the Helix Fi gateway or modem.

    Think of it like a road network: your home is connected to the Internet by a highway—the speed of the plan you chose with Videotron—which splits up into several lanes going to each of your devices.

    Videotron’s speed test measures the speed of a single lane, or, in other words, the speed that is going to a single device and not that of the highway or the overall speed going to your home. That’s why the measured speed is often lower than the one specified in your plan.

    Videotron plans are designed to simultaneously satisfy the needs of many bandwidth-hungry peripheral devices and the bandwidth that is too important to manage by a single device.

    A coverage issue causes a drop in power

    If your Internet speed test result shows that it’s lower than the Wi-Fi speed you expected from your device, it could mean that there is a coverage issue. Bring your device closer to the Helix Fi gateway or router and run the test again to see if the speed increases. If it doesn’t, try to optimize your Wi-Fi connection.

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    Your equipment or installation is making the connection flow slower

    The following factors can affect your speed test results.

    • The location of the Helix Fi gateway or router: The distance and the obstacles between the device being tested and the Helix Fi gateway or router can have a significant impact on the Wi-Fi network.
    • The number of devices connected: If too many users are connected at the same time, it may slow down your Home Network.
    • How old your devices are: New devices perform better than old ones. The technology, namely the type of processor, the motherboard, the hard drive and the RAM, significantly affects your device’s speed.
    • Your device’s setup and capability: If you run a speed test from a device with a lower speed capability than your plan, the results will be limited to the device’s approximate speed. For example, the optimal speed of a GIGA plan may not be reached on a single wired device.
    • Type and version of browser: Make sure your Internet browsers are up to date.
    • Background apps and processes: Things like backups, updates, games, antiviruses and firewalls can all slow the speed down.
    • Using a private virtual network (VPN): The speed tested will be limited to that of the VPN.
    • As to your operating system, its performance can vary depending on the version you’re running and if it’s up to date.

    The website you visit slows down network performance

    Some slowdowns may be caused by the website being used to run the speed test, depending on:

    • The speed of the website
    • The amount of traffic on one website at the same time (not necessarily from your home)

    FAQ about Internet speed test

    To test your download speed and your upload speed with this Ookla test, plug your computer directly into the Helix Fi gateway or cable modem, verify that your computer is not running other tasks, check that only the speed test uses your Internet connection, and click on GO at the top of this page.

    To maximize performance of this speed test, you must ensure that the JavaScript function is activated and that your computer is equipped with one of the two major versions of one of the following Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari.

    Wireless speeds are usually slower than hardwired connections due to material limitations, the distance the signal has to travel and potential slowdowns caused by walls, windows or large furniture. To measure your “highway’s” best speed, run this test from a new generation laptop hardwired to the Helix Fi gateway or router.

    Several external factors can influence your connection speed.

    See you to improve your Helix Wi-Fi network’s performance.

    It is possible that the router, which is frequently used to connect several computers to the Internet, causes slowdowns. Various factors may be in question:

    • Router capacity: it is essential to ensure that this capacity is sufficient and that the firewall configuration does not block your connection.
    • Use of a wireless router: it is important to verify that the router is secured suitably. If this is not the case, you run the risk that the connection will be used without your knowledge. Also, use of such a router causes interference, which can slow down your connection.
    • Network sharing: if several computers are interconnected, your Internet access speed is divided among the workstations.

    The computer’s operation can influence your Internet access. The presence of a virus or a Trojan horse, poor firewall configuration and execution of certain procedures (update, save, antivirus analysis, etc.) can slow down the connection.

    Your connection speed may be reduced by your use of certain websites. In case of heavy visitation of a given site, it is possible that access is saturated. This will slow down your connection.

    Using file sharing software also affects your speed. Peer-to-peer or P2P applications use a high transfer capacity. It is preferable to verify that the icons of these programs are not on your toolbar

    Here is the minimal configuration required on your devices to reach the optimal speed of your GIGA Internet plan: 

    • Processor 
      Intel Core (10th generation) or equivalent 
    • Operating system 
      PC: Windows 10 
      Mac: macOS 15.0 
    • Free disk space 
      2 GB 
    • System memory 
      8 GB 
    • Network Interface Card (NIC) or network adapter 
      Gigabit Ethernet 
    • Wired Ethernet connection 
      GIGA Internet: Cat5e Ethernet cable 
    • Web browser 
      PC: Google Chrome (latest version) 
      Mac: Safari (latest version) 

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