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TV plans

Benefit from the IPTV technology that brings together your TV channels and content from several popular platforms and apps, the voice command, the simultaneous recording of 8 HD programs, the 100 hours of storage, the Kids Zone, the mobile viewing from anywhere, and more.

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TV App plans

Your live channels, included Premium channel, and all On Demand content simultaneously viewed on five different screens, from mobile to TV, with the possibility of enjoying it anywhere.

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TV optimized by Helix

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Helix TV personalized intuitive interface

  • Content for you, recordings, favourites, purchases, and playlists all at a single glance
  • Specific sections to give you quick access to TV apps, On Demand content, Kids Zone, or Settings
  • Simplified browsing through content and the Program Guide
  • Easy-to-use features so you don’t miss anything you like

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Voice command makes things easier

  • Say what you want and watch your TV react right away: TV listings, record, skip forward 3 minutes, go back 30 seconds, enable subtitles, etc.
  • Find what you’re looking for by naming a channel, a title, an actor, a sport, a theme like “Québec series,” etc.
  • Simply say what you want to see: post-game recap, upcoming game schedule, game scores, stock market, weather, etc.

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Integrated apps for all tastes

  • IPTV technology with several integrated apps, such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Club illico, and Vrai,2 for  direct access to various content
  • Wide selection of movies and series, videos and shows of all kinds, international content, music and music videos, sports information, fun games, news, and more.

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Flexibility and casting with the Helix TV app

  • Free app included in your TV App or TV plan 
  • Live TV channels, free and paid On Demand content,3 recordings, and downloads4 
  • Viewings on up to five screens at the same time, at home or away 
  • Streaming of all your content to a big screen using Chromecast technology on your tablet or smartphone, or with Amazon Fire devices

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Price cut on TV 10 Sports and Popular choices + 500 Internet

Your words are our command! The TV 10 Sports and Popular choices + 500 Internet plan is only $99/month, and also includes 24 Basic channels and Club illico.


Transfer your services to Helix

Helix services are full of technological perks such as voice command, cross-platform TV interface, Helix Fi app and Advanced Security. It’s time to get them!

Équipement IPTV

A terminal that lets you see in 4K

At the cutting edge of television technology, the Helix TV terminal offers a voice remote, 4K image quality, and is constantly evolving with numerous updates giving you access to new features.

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Channels for all tastes

Our vast TV channels lineup, in addition to the basic channels included in your plan, allows you to choose what you like to enjoy a rich and varied programming thanks to the Popular, Sports and À la carte categories.

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More and more exclusive content

Clud illico Hub Television

Thousands of original French-language series, exclusive productions, movies, youth content, and documentaries.

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Vrai un monde sans filtre

A host of original productions and exclusive unscripted French-language content featuring your favourite stars and international hits.

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On demand

A wide variety of free and paid On Demand content for all tastes: movies, lookback shows, and exclusive content.

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Watch live exciting sporting events, such as UFC and Québec boxing fights.

Discover Indigo sporting events

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Frequently asked questions about Videotron’s TV service

Every Helix TV subscription includes the Basic service (24 HD channels, including all the Canadian general-interest networks), access to Indigo and the pay-per-view TV service. You can then choose from different selections of channels, such as Trending, which offers a wide variety of Quebec and international channels, Sports, which offers a wide variety of Quebec and international sports channels, Premium, which is for series and movie enthusiasts, as well as from a variety of top-quality music, international and sports channels available in the à la carte offering.

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Yes. The TV 10 choices (Sports option), TV 15 choices (Sports option), TV 25 choices (Sports option), and TV App 10 choices (Sports option) plans give you access to the Sports channels of your choice.

More details on these plans

With the Helix services, you must subscribe to Helix Internet in order to take advantage of Helix TV, as it uses IP (Internet Protocol) technology.

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With the illico TV service, you don’t need to subscribe to an Internet service to enjoy.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. As its name suggests, IPTV technology transmits video signals over Internet protocol, unlike conventional protocols that operate on radio frequencies.

In the case of traditional digital television over radio frequencies, broadcasters send signals, and the viewers who receive them can only see what is being broadcast. IPTV gives you greater flexibility when watching TV, because all your content from traditional Internet and TV platforms is grouped in one place and you can access it live, on demand, pre-recorded, or in lookback mode on your TV, mobile, tablet, or computer, wherever you are.

Want to know more? Read our blog post on IPTV.

Yes. All Helix TV plans offer the latest IPTV technology with all your content in one place for a better viewing experience, a greater variety of content from different platforms, video On Demand (VOD), sports statistics, a range of apps, and viewing options that are sure to meet all your needs.

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illico is Videotron’s cable TV service that operates with the illico terminal. Helix TV is Videotron’s IPTV service that operates with the Helix Fi gateway and the Helix TV terminal, and thus delivers video signals over Internet protocol networks instead of cable.

Google’s Chromecast is a device that streams content from a smartphone or tablet to another screen. You can use the Helix TV app on your mobile devices to stream your content to another TV without having to buy a second Helix TV terminal.

AirPlay is an Apple Wi-Fi protocol used to stream content from an iPhone or iPad to a compatible device (AppleTV, smart TV, speakers, etc.). You can use the Helix TV app on your mobile devices to stream your content to another TV without having to buy a second Helix TV terminal.

Amazon Fire comes in different formats that allow you to stream content from a variety of platforms, including the Helix TV app. This means you can access your Helix TV content catalogue on another TV without having to buy a second Helix TV device.

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Helix services availability
Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

Internet network
The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre, coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.

Videotron no. 1
According to the CRTC Sales Practices Review - 2022 Secret Shopper Project Detailed Findings Report, dated March 23, 2022.

Helix TV integrated apps
A membership is required to use Club illico, Vrai, ICI TOU.TV EXTRA, Netflix, Hayu, Toober and Prime Video apps.

Helix TV app content
Available on selected channels. Viewing content requires a Wi-Fi network connection and consumes data. Streaming of content, be it live, recorded, or on demand, is limited to Canada only. However, it is possible to stream content abroad that has previously been downloaded in Canada. Fees apply for movie rentals and for viewing pay-per-view content. The rental period for adult movies may vary according to the type of content selected.

Download and go
Downloading content requires a Wi-Fi network connection and uses up data. Available on selected content. Up to 15 downloads per device. Up to 5 devices per account may download content. Downloaded content is only accessible for 30 days.