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First steps in Quebec? At Videotron, we take care of you by offering you everything you need to be connected: Home Phone and Mobile, TV and Internet powered by fiber.

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With Videotron Helix, take advantage of the best Wi-Fi technology in Québec1 and get unlimited, ultrafast, and secure Internet starting at $58/month* for 24 months, equipment cost included.**

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With Helix, you can access the best ultrafast, high-performance and secure Wi-Fi technology to experience a whole new way to entertain yourself and manage your home.

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Easily stay in touch with loved ones

Find the Mobile plan that suits your needs and take advantage of the International Calls Add-on to be reachable at all times and our LTE and 5G network to stay connected while travelling in Canada.

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Videotron gets involved in the community

Videotron is proud to partner with cultural and sporting events in order to contribute to their influence and reach, and to help you discover Québec culture.

Frequently Asked Questions by Newcomers

Here are a few questions and answers to help you better understand Videotron’s offer and its services.

With your subscription to a Helix Internet plan, you get unlimited, high-performance, and secure Internet as well as the Helix Fi app, which allows you to manage your Wi-Fi network and your connected devices.

You can also add the Helix TV or Helix TV App service to enjoy a host of entertainment content.

Videotron offers you the opportunity to learn about the Québec language and culture through a multitude of entertainment content offered on Club illico and Vrai.

Which Videotron TV channels offer exclusive Québec content?

Yes, there are several options available, including the Hispano (9 channels) or the Rai (3 channels) plan, and Helix offers a wide international channel selection (Asian countries, Arab world, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Haiti, Italy, etc.). Discover our vast channel lineup .

You do not need a router to use the Helix Fi gateway. It’s an all-in-one product that combines the features of a modem and router. Only Helix equipment (Helix Fi gateway, Helix TV terminal, voice remote, Wi-Fi pods) can be used to access these Helix services.

Yes, just subscribe to a plan and change your SIM card.

Yes, we offer a variety of mobile plans with unlimited calls and text messages in Canada and the US, as well as several mobile add-ons to add to your plan for international travel and calls. We also offer the Global Calling plan and the Global Per-minute Rate plan for Home phone services.

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Videotron works with you to meet all your telecommunication needs for your new home.

We’re sure you have lots of questions! Feel free to visit the Immigrant Québec website.

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Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre, coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.

1Latest generation of Wi-Fi (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi 2 gateway.

*This limited-time offer applies to new Videotron Residential Internet customers who subscribe to Helix Internet and entails a promotional discount starting at $9/month for 24 months. Maintaining this discount is conditional upon customer subscribing to an Internet plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $55.

**Displayed rates include the purchase of a Helix Fi gateway. The Helix Fi gateway may be purchased through a single instalment of $288 or an instalment plan of $12/month for 24 months. Taxes not included. An extended product warranty for an additional 24-month period is also available for $36 per equipment. Customers who unsubscribe before the end of the 24-month payment period will have to pay the remaining balance of the equipment’s cost. Rates subject to change without prior notice. Any changes made to a service, or combination of services, may result in a rate adjustment. Services, conditions, and rates may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice.