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Take a look at our travel options and simplify your trips with our Canada-International, Canada-France or Canada-US plans.

25 Gb for $55

New Canada-International plan

Use your cell phone while travelling to many destinations, while keeping in touch with your loved ones in Canada. With unlimited calls and texts within the countries included in the plan, and to Canada, you’ll be able to make the most of your vacation without having to worry about your data!

For a limited time, take advantage of an additional $5/month discount for life and get the Canada-International 25 GB plan for $55/month, when combined with an Internet plan.

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Canada-France phone plans

No need to change your SIM card and provider! Use your cell phone in France as you would in Canada, thanks to an All-Inclusive plan with data that travels with you. As well as being guaranteed of paying the same rate for life, you’ll also enjoy other inclusions in Canada, including 100 GB of bonus data per year, Club illico mobile and full-speed data at all times.

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Canada-US phone plans

Take advantage of our All-Inclusive plans to travel worry free in the U.S. and use your data on both sides of the border, whenever you feel like it! As well as being guaranteed of paying the same rate for life, you’ll also benefit from other inclusions in Canada, such as 100 GB of bonus data per year and Club illico mobile, all with full-speed data at all times.

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Daily Traveller Pass at the best price on the market1

Cross borders with your Mobile plan, starting at $10/day. Activate the US or International Daily Traveller Pass option in the Customer Centre and access all your data in more than 100 countries around the world, including Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and countries in Europe.

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Wi-Fi Calling

When travelling to more than 100 eligible countries, connect to a Wi-Fi network and make a call to a local number or to Canada without paying any long-distance fees. Extend your coverage for free by activating the Wi-Fi Calling service on a compatible device with just one simple click.

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Canada-US Data Add-ons

Depending on your travels, you can easily meet your recurring or occasional needs by adding a Canada-US Data Add-on to your Mobile plan directly in your Customer Centre.

Permanent Canada-US Data Add-on starting at $8/month

On-demand Canada-US Data Add-ons starting at $10/month


Canada plans without additional fees

No matter which Videotron Mobile plan you subscribe to, you get unlimited calls and texts in Canada on our ultravast and powerful mobile network. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll also get a 10 GB or 100 GB bonus data per year, to use anywhere in the country.

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As a good travel companion, your phone should…

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Be compatible with newer networks

Since 3G has been decommissioned in the U.S. and is being phased out in many other countries including Canada, it’s important that your cell phone is compatible with 4G LTE and/or 5G networks so you can make calls and texts, and use your mobile data.

Check your device’s VoLTE compatibility

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Have handy apps for every situation

There are plenty of free apps that can be extremely useful when you’re travelling, whether it’s finding your way, doing a currency conversion, checking your flights, or finding the best coffee shop, the most beautiful hike, or the nearest place to fill your water bottle.

Check out our free app suggestions

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Let you capture the magic moments

You don’t have to carry a camera and lenses to take great photos of your trips. Most new phones come with dual or triple cameras with high-resolution zoom and corrective features for professional-quality photos and video captures.

Check out our 10 tips for taking pictures with a cell phone

Already decided on your next destination? Check out our handy list of essentials you need to prepare before you leave.

Travel-ready cell phones

Questions about using your Mobility service while travelling

Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France (including Corsica), French Guiana, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Ireland, Italy (including Vatican), Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom (including Great Britain [England, Scotland, Wales], Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland), United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands).

Check roaming rates by Check roaming rates by

To find out how to use the Wi-Fi Calling service, and to see which countries and regions are included, visit our support page.


Canada-International 25 GB plan at $55/month offer 
This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers and consists of offering the Canada-International 25 GB Mobile plan for $55 per month when combined with an Internet plan subscription.

Conditions related to the Mobile plan: The customer obtains a monthly discount of $15 upon subscription to an All-Inclusive Canada-International Mobile plan when combined with a subscription to an eligible Internet plan. Offer is conditional upon customer remaining subscribed to said Internet plan. The Canada-International Mobile plan includes unlimited local and long-distance calls anywhere in Canada. It also includes local calls in the following countries: United States, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Martinique, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Panama, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, and Greece, as well as calls from these countries to Canada. Use of the Canada-International plan (calls, text messages, and data) is possible in the countries listed above for a maximum of one hundred and twenty (120) days per year, calculated from the initial subscription date. If usage exceeds the one hundred and twenty (120) days per year, Videotron may charge overage fees or remove the privilege entirely. Long-distance calls made from Canada to other countries, long-distance charges within or between countries included in the plan, options, fees for extra usage, off-plan roaming fees, as well as other applicable fees are not included. For long-distance rates for off-plan calls, consult General conditions: $50 Mobile activation fees (per transaction) extra. Municipal tax of $0.52 for 911 emergency service extra. Certain conditions apply. Taxes extra. Offers, services, and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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