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Daily Traveller Pass

Cross borders with your Mobile plan, starting at $9/day. Activate the US or International Daily Traveller Pass option in the Customer Centre and access all your data in more than 100 countries around the world.

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling

When travelling to more than 100 eligible countries, connect to a Wi-Fi network and make a call to a local number or to Canada without paying any long-distance fees. Extend your coverage for free by activating the Wi-Fi Calling service on a compatible device with just one simple click.


All-Inclusive Canada-US plan

Travel to the south often? Choose the 15 GB All-Inclusive Canada-US Mobile plan and enjoy all the benefits on both sides of the border.

Customer center - Data Add-ons

Canada-US Data Add-ons

Depending on your travels, you can easily meet your recurring or occasional needs by adding a Canada-US Data Add-on to your Mobile plan directly in your Customer Centre.

Permanent Canada-US Data Add-on starting at $8/month

On-demand Canada-US Data Add-ons starting at $10/month

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