Bring your own phone plans

When you keep the phone you already have, you automatically get a bonus 5 GB and an additional $5 off your All-Inclusive Mobile plan each month.* Get it now!

Limited-time discount of $11/month

When you keep the phone you already have, you automatically get a bonus 5 GB and a $11 discount each month on the All-Inclusive Canada 45 GB plan. 


All-Inclusive Mobile plans for your device

Keep your current device and get 5 GB bonus plus $5/month discount on the All-Inclusive plan of your choice.

Bring your own phone Videotron

Choosing a Videotron Bring your own phone plan means…

  • Paying the same price for life, with no rate increase
  • Receiving a bonus 5 GB and a $5 discount per month when you subscribe to an All-Inclusive plan
  • Benefiting from unparalleled customer service
  • Having the option of one day trade in your device for a new one with several discounts
  • Saving even more each month by combining your plans

Other benefits of our cell phone plans

Attractive mobile options

Adapt your Mobile plan to fit your needs thanks to our various options: travel, Data Add-ons and more.
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Combined Mobility discounts

Bundle your Mobile plans to get the family discount and add Internet to get the multiproduct discount.
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Quality network coverage

Take advantage of an ultravast and reliable network across Canada in LTE and in free 5G, for increased efficiency.
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Data at full speed

Whether you’re using your plan data or bonus data, the speed of your data never slows down.

FAQ about Bring your own phone plans

BYOD stands for Bring your own device and BYOP for Bring your own phone, meaning that the customer uses a phone already in their possession when subscribing to a mobile plan with a provider.

If you choose an All-Inclusive Mobile plan and keep your current phone, you will automatically get a discount of $5 per month on your invoice and a bonus 5 GB for your plan.

First, do not cancel your current contract, since only active phone numbers can be transferred to a new provider.

Then, make sure to follow, step by step, the porting procedure of your services to Videotron.

When you subscribe to your Videotron mobile plan, request a new phone number.

When you receive your Videotron SIM card and insert it into your device, it will activate automatically with your new number.

If you have a new phone number, insert the SIM card into your mobile device and it will activate automatically.

If you are keeping your current phone number, insert the SIM card into your mobile device and call our toll-free automated activation service: 1-833-657-5507.

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* This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers. On subscription to an All-Inclusive plan, the customer who brings their own device receives a $5 monthly discount and obtains an additional monthly Data Add-on of 5 GB. Customer must own a compatible device. The discount and the additional monthly Data Add-on offer will be maintained as long as the customer keeps their device and the plan to which they are subscribed. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers. $50 Mobile activation fees (per transaction) extra. Municipal tax of $0.52 for 911 emergency service and other applicable taxes extra. Certain conditions apply.