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Opt for an almost new condition device at an affordable price, and none of the hassle that comes with buying a second-hand device from a stranger.


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Trade-in Credit

Take advantage of the Videotron Trade-in Credit to trade in your current device and save on a new one.
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Take-back Credit

Reduce the monthly payments for your brand-new device now by opting to return it after 24 months.
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Simplified Payment option

Add the phone you want to your Mobile plan and pay for it in 24 affordable, interest-free monthly instalments.
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Quality network coverage

Take advantage of an ultravast and reliable network across Canada in LTE and in free 5G, for increased efficiency.
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Shop our cell phone plans that fits your needs and take advantage of an ultravast and reliable network.

Frequently asked questions about our mobile phones

At Videotron, we offer the latest big-brand smartphones.

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Videotron does not offer prepaid mobile devices, but we have a wide variety of affordable mobile phones and plans, like the Talk and Text plan.

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Find the perfect accessories for your cell phone by visiting the Videotron store nearest you.

It is possible to find refurbished smartphones in certain Videotron stores..

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As of December 1, 2017, all Videotron smartphones are sold unlocked.

Yes, except the Talk and Text plan, which can’t be combined with selected mobile phones.

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With the Videotron Simplified Payment option, you can get a new mobile phone in 24 affordable, interest-free monthly payments when you choose a 24-month plan that fits your needs.

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Locate Videotron stores near you and call or verify online to see if they have cellphones in stock.

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For the offer details, please consult the “Learn more” section of the plans and mobile devices selected.