Support for the installation of your equipment

Discover the different ways to install your Videotron equipment.

Frequently asked questions about the installation of Videotron equipment

During the installation, the technician sets up the equipment to ensure optimal performance and give you the best experience possible. We don’t recommend changing anything after the installation.

However, if you need to change the location of your modem, router or illico terminal, follow our instructions to:

Reconnect your modem
Reconnect your router
Reconnect your terminal

Contact us as soon as possible to schedule a new appointment.

During a connection appointment, the technician connects your home to the Videotron network and makes sure that the interior cabling is properly installed and functional, so that you can self-install your Helix equipment with ease.

This appointment is necessary if your home has never been connected to the Videotron network or if the connection is too old and needs to be checked.

You need to reset your Helix TV terminal to its original settings only if you bought it second-hand from someone who didn’t reset it.

See how to reset the Helix TV terminal


Getting started with Helix TV

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