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When you subscribe to a Videotron Mobile plan, you’re guaranteed to pay the same rate for life, as long as you keep your initial subscription. Mobile plans with no rate increase, that’s our promise! More details.

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Combine your Internet service with our selected Mobile plans and save on all your Mobile plan every month, for life.

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Use your cell phone while traveling as you would in Canada, thanks to data that travels with you.

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Choose Canada-International at $55/month, or Canada-US or Canada-France All-Inclusive plans at the same price as All-Inclusive Canada, starting at $45/month. Different country, same plan!

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Adapt your Mobile plan to fit your needs thanks to our various options: travel, Data Add-ons and more.
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Combined Mobility discounts

Bundle your Mobile plans to get the family discount and add Internet to get the multiproduct discount.
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Quality network coverage

Take advantage of an ultravast and reliable network across Canada in LTE and in free 5G, for increased efficiency.
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Data at full speed

Whether you’re using your plan data or bonus data, the speed of your data never slows down.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile Plans

Videotron is an excellent Mobility service provider thanks to its ultravast and high-performance LTE and 5G networks. We offer a wide selection of mobile devices and cellular plans to meet all needs and budgets.

See other benefits of Videotron Mobility.

As a Mobile service provider, Videotron offers several affordable plans. Explore our Mobile plans for students and check out our best offers to find the right plan or your situation and needs!

Depending on the selected plan, you have a choice of multiple smartphones with no down payment. In addition, you have the option to make instalment payments for your phone over 24 months with the Simplified Payment option.

Shop for smartphones.

No. However, Videotron offers All-Inclusive mobile plans that provide you with an additional 100 GB annual bank you can use at full speed in addition to your basic monthly data.

You won’t have to worry about going over your mobile plan’s limit. Learn about All-Inclusive plans.

All of our cellular plans offer Internet access, except the Talk and Text plan. Depending on your needs, choose the amount of data you want.

All of our cellular plans include unlimited calling and texting in Canada. The All-Inclusive Canada-US Without Borders plan offers unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the United States.


* Please consult the "Learn more" section of the selected plans and mobile phones for the offer details.

Keep your own phone - $5/month discount and 5 GB bonus data
This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers. On subscription to an eligible Mobile plan, the customer who brings their own device receives a $5 monthly discount and obtains an additional monthly Data Add-on of 5 GB. Customer must own a compatible device. The discount and the additional monthly Data Add-on offer will be maintained as long as the customer keeps their device and the plan to which they are subscribed. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers. $50 Mobile activation fees (per transaction) extra. Municipal tax of $0.52 for 911 emergency service and other applicable taxes extra. Certain conditions apply.

Price for life
The “price for life” promise means that the base rate (before any discounts or credits) of Residential Mobile plans will not increase during the course of the subscription. It applies to all Residential Mobile plans marketed by Videotron with the mention “price for life.” The promise applies only to the base rate of the Mobile plan, and not to other charges, such as add-ons, Mobile activation fees, 911 emergency service fees, federal, provincial, and municipal taxes, overage fees, roaming fees, and any other out-of-plans rates and additional fees. It is valid as long as the customer maintains their subscription to the Mobile plan, and is non-transferable.