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Get up to $500 in credit when you trade in your old phone.
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Free Wi-Fi Calling

Talk and text for free when you travel thanks to Wi-Fi Calling.*
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Take advantage of an ultravast and reliable network across Canada in LTE and progressively in 5G for increased efficiency.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile Plans

Videotron is an excellent Mobility service provider thanks to its ultravast and high-performance LTE and 5G networks. We offer a wide selection of mobile devices and cellular plans to meet all needs and budgets.

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As a Mobility service provider, Videotron offers several affordable cellular plans. Check out our best offers to find the right plan for your situation and needs!

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Depending on the selected plan, you have a choice of multiple $0 smartphones. In addition, you have the option to make instalment payments for your phone over 24 months with the Simplified Payment option.

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No. However, Videotron offers All-Inclusive mobile plans that provide you with an additional 100 GB annual bank you can use at full speed in addition to your basic monthly data.

You won’t have to worry about going over your mobile plan’s limit. Learn about All-Inclusive plans.

All of our cellular plans offer Internet access, except the Talk and Text plan. Depending on your needs, choose the amount of data you want.

All of our cellular plans include unlimited calling and texting in Canada. The All-Inclusive Canada-US Without Borders plan offers unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the United States.


*Veuillez consulter la section « En savoir plus » des forfaits et téléphones mobiles sélectionnés pour connaître les détails de l’offre.