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Québec-based Videotron offers a flexible range of communication and entertainment products and services, as well as outstanding service.

We get it

A flexible service offering that gives you the freedom to choose

Videotron offers options based on your needs, desires, and habits, so that you can enjoy services that suit you, at your pace.

  • Choose from our wide range of Mobile plans and options for everyday life or travel.
  • Browse our vast selection of devices from the top brands.
  • Take advantage of our different viewing options to watch diverse TV content of your choice.
  • Select the right speed for you from our unlimited Internet options.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of our installation options for your services and equipment.
  • Use our various support options to ask questions and troubleshoot.

Discover our flexible options

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Internet options

Helix Internet offers several Internet speed options to meet all types of needs. Choose the download speed that suits you best from our Unlimited 30, 60, 100, 500, or GIGA Internet plans.

Internet services

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TV options

Our Helix TV, Helix TV App, and streaming viewing options allow you to watch what you really want, wherever you are: your channel selections, Club illico, Vrai, Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

TV services

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Mobility options

Our Mobile plans follow you anywhere, with data options ranging from 6 GB to 50 GB. Enjoy it on the device of your choice from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and TCL.

Mobility services

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Support options

Our support options are perfect for finding the answers to your questions: website Support section, the Community Forum, Customer Service and Technical Support via chat or phone, and in-store representatives.


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Thank you, loyal customers!

According to you, Videotron is the Quebecers’ preferred telecommunications company for customer service.* Our entire team feels privileged to have maintained this bond of trust with you for so many years. That’s why we’re always ready to listen, to offer you our services clearly and in detail, without pressure, so that you can make a choice that meets your needs. If your Wi-Fi usage requires a 100 Internet plan, we get it and we’re not going to unnecessarily suggest 3 Gigabit!

Among the major Canadian telecom providers, Videotron ranks:

#1 Overall satisfaction in terms of sales interaction* 
#1 Recommendation of appropriate products or services to meet needs* 
#1 Clarity and simplicity of information provided*

At Videotron, we get it

Internet speed guaranteed*

Mobility price for life*

Exclusive Québec content

The most respected telecommunications provider in Québec*

The perks of being a Videotron customer

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Mobility service

  • Family and multiproduct discounts
  • 10 GB or 100 GB bonus annual data at full speed
  • Large selection of devices with Simplified Payment option
  • Ultrareliable and largest LTE network in Canada
  • Free 5G network access

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Helix services

  • Plans that fit your needs
  • Wi-Fi 6 technology*
  • Helix Fi app with Advanced Security
  • Vast selection of channels
  • Voice command
  • Helix TV app on all your screen
  • Self-installation

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Videotron gets involved to offer you more

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Our partnerships

Videotron is proud to partner with Québec events in a variety of fields in order to contribute to their influence and reach, and to present you exclusive offers.

See Videotron’s partnerships

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Our commitment

Videotron’s ongoing commitment is reflected in its involvement in the community and in the fight against climate change, for the benefit of our society.

See Videotron’s commitment


No. 1 customer service in Québec 
According to a Léger survey conducted from August 1 to 7, 2023.

Videotron no. 1 
According to the CRTC Sales Practices Review - 2022 Secret Shopper Project Detailed Findings Report, dated March 23, 2022.

Internet speed guaranteed
Because the signal is routed on a separate, sealed frequency for each service.

Price for life
The “price for life” promise means that the base rate (before any discounts or credits) of Residential Mobile plans will not increase during the course of the subscription. It applies to all Residential Mobile plans marketed by Videotron with the mention “price for life.” The promise applies only to the base rate of the Mobile plan, and not to other charges, such as add-ons, Mobile activation fees, 911 emergency service fees, federal, provincial, and municipal taxes, overage fees, roaming fees, and any other out-of-plans rates and additional fees. It is valid as long as the customer maintains their subscription to the Mobile plan, and is non-transferable.

Most respected telecommunications provider in Québec 
According to Léger’s 2024 Reputation survey.

Wi-Fi 6 
Wi-Fi (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi 2 gateway.