Why choose Videotron

Québec-based Videotron offers you a wide range of communication and entertainment solutions, as well as outstanding service.

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Our unparalleled services have kept you connected for nearly 60 years

Because a Québec company is best suited to understand what Quebecers need, Videotron is proud to offer you high-performance technologies and the most secure network, extra mobile data always at full speed, a lifetime multiproduct discount, original Québec productions on Vrai and Club illico, and caring customer service that takes your needs to heart.

The perks of being a Videotron customer

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Ultrapowerful Wi-Fi 6

With the Helix Fi gateway, you benefit from Wi-Fi 6, the best Wi-Fi technology in Québec,* which allows you to enjoy faster connection speeds and a greater range, with the possibility of connecting even more devices simultaneously.

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Advanced Security

Enjoy the most secure Wi-Fi with the Helix Fi* app’s Advanced Security and Parental Control features. Protect your family members, devices, and data from inappropriate or malicious sites, targeted attacks, and intrusion attempts.

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Lifetime multiproduct discount

Combine your selected Mobile plans with an Internet plan to enjoy the most generous multiproduct discount on the market**. The family multiline discount combined with the Mobile and Internet multiproduct discount can save you up to $100 per month for life.

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The perks of being a Videotron customer

Content just for you—anywhere, anytime

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Mobility service

  • Ultrareliable network
  • Large selection of devices
  • Simplified Payment option
  • Largest LTE network in Canada
  • Progressive rollout of 5G
  • All-Inclusive Mobile plans
  • Multiline discount

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Helix services

  • Plans that fit your needs
  • Best Wi-Fi technology
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Wide choice of channels
  • Voice command
  • Self-installation
  • Home automation

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What’s Helix?

The best technology to stay connected

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Club illico

Club illico offers you thousands of original and exclusive French-language productions, movies, series, youth programs, and documentaries, to watch at will with your TV plan, via the Club illico app, or with Club illico mobile, included in our All-Inclusive Mobile plans.

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QUB musique

QUB musique offers you more than 70 million songs from Canadian and international artists, and more than 2,700 exclusive, commercial-free playlists. Thanks to the exclusive rate reserved for Videotron Mobility customers, you can enjoy it on your mobile device, as well as on Helix TV or on the Web.

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Vrai, a new platform of non-scripted French-language content, is filled with original Québec productions featuring your favourite stars, as well as catchy and captivating major international hits. Dive into a world without filters on Helix TV or via the QUB app.

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Videotron gets involved to offer you more

Videotron is proud to partner with Québec events in a variety of fields in order to contribute to their influence and reach, and to present you exclusive offers.


* Helix technology is available, or exclusively available, in some regions. Latest generation wireless standard (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi 2 gateway. The Helix Fi app, included in all Helix plans, makes it easy for customers to manage their devices’ and family members’ network connection. Advanced Security options allow customers to enhance the protection of their network and their connected home.

** This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers who subscribe and maintain their subscription to an eligible Mobile plan and Internet service. The offer entails a monthly discount of $10 per Line on subscription to a Mobile plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $50, and a $5 discount per account for customers who subscribe to an All-Inclusive Mobile plan. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers or additional monthly Data Add-ons. Certain conditions apply. One-time $45 Mobile activation fees apply.

*** A membership is required to use Club illico, Netflix, Prime Video and Vrai apps.