A voice remote that immediately understands your requests


A voice remote that immediately understands your requests

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Controlling your TV with your voice? Why not?

Simplify your TV experience by using your voice remote with your Helix TV terminal. With an abundance of possible voice commands, you can browse, search content and view information in a flash. You’ll see, talking to your remote will become as natural as taking a picture with your smartphone.

All types of voice commands

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Helix understands everyone

The voice recognition technology was specially designed to adapt to all French and English accents in Quebec1. It is constantly learning the nuances of our language and its specific accents to understand everyone and even adapt to the way children speak.

See how the voice remote works

Mathieu Roy, tech geek and host on the Salut Bonjour morning show, explains how to navigate from one show to another without even looking at the menu. He also shows of the advantages of the voice remote.

Learn how to use voice command.

Say hockey

A ton of voice commands

Are you wondering if Helix subscribers actually talk to their remote?

  • More than 135 million voice commands have been made to date.
  • More than 25 million of these orders were variants of go back/go forward, mostly to skip ads or replay awesome moments.
  • Users have kept up to date on their shows with nearly half a million Replay commands.

What commands will you give your remote?

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Helix technology is available, or exclusively available, in some regions.

1 While voice recognition was designed to understand a wide range of accents, some factors may impede search results.

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