Things to know before transferring your Videotron services to Helix

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Things to know before transferring your Videotron services to Helix

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I already have my own equipment, can I use it with Helix?

You will have to change your equipment when transferring your services from Vidéotron to Helix.

The Helix Fi gateway replaces your modem and Wi-Fi router. The Helix TV terminal replaces your illico terminal. Only Helix equipment (Helix Fi gateway, Helix TV terminal, voice remote, Wi-Fi pods) can be used to access these Helix services.

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What do I do with the equipment I already have?

Some of your current equipment that was rented or loaned must be returned to a Videotron store within 14 days of your Helix subscription.

As for the equipment you own, you can dispose of it as you wish or recycle it by bringing it back to the store.

See the equipment to bring back according to your situation

What’s the difference between the Helix and illico experience? Compare the two.

Frequently asked questions about the transfer to Helix

No, illico recordings and settings cannot be transferred to Helix. To quickly reschedule your daily recordings, simply use the voice command; say the name of the show you want to record and select Record in the menu that opens. 

All the channels available on illico are also available on Helix. So, yes, you will keep your existing channels, as long as they are also available in the new Helix TV plan you select.

You can change your channels or select others on a pick-and-pay basis that would not be included in your new Helix TV plan. To do so, simply log in to “My Helix Account” on Videotron’s website. For more information on how to change your channels, visit our Support site.

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Helix universe. It will also contain your new username and a link to change your temporary password. Use your new password and username to log in to My Helix Account, Helix apps and even Videotron’s Customer Centre to view your Home Phone and Mobile Phone bills.

You will get two bills (one for Helix products and services and one for your Mobile Phone and/or Home Phone services). You can view your bill for your existing phone services in your current Customer Centre.

The first bill and contract will appear in “My Helix Account” the day after you sign up.

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